Vegware founding Supporter of UK Hospitality and Food Service Agreement

Press Release   •   Jun 27, 2012 17:25 BST

Vegware, the UK’s first and only completely compostable food packaging firm, has become a founding Supporter of a new UK-wide waste agreement for the hospitality and food service sector.

The agreement, launched by WRAP on behalf of UK, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland Governments, aims to cut food and associated packaging waste by 5% (a CO2e reduction of 234,000 tonnes), the equivalent of approximately 100 million meals. It also aims to increase the overall rate of food and packaging waste that is being recycled, sent to AD or composted to 70% (a CO2e reduction of 336,000 tonnes).

Vegware helps food service operators meet the landfill diversion target, as its certified compostable food service packaging can be recycled with food waste after use. The Edinburgh firm, a recent winner of a WRAP-sponsored BCE Award for Environmental Leadership, has pledged to further support businesses go greener by creating the Food Waste Network, a new service to help any UK business find its ideal food waste recycling services.

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland: “Not only are Vegware passionate about their product and the environment, they are also passionate about their customers helping the environment too. There is clear evidence that Vegware are ‘more than just a business’ and are really engaging with their customers, staff and the local community to affect positive environmental change.

 “By signing up to the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, organisations are showing their commitment to use resources more efficiently, save money, and meet new Waste (Scotland) Regulations, approved by Scottish Parliament last month. Huge economic and environmental gains can be made by tackling food waste, and it is fantastic to see so many businesses make a commitment to make their operations even more efficient.”

Vegware’s Communications Manager Lucy Frankel, said: “Vegware is delighted to be a founding Supporter of the UK Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, as our certified compostable foodservice packaging helps caterers divert food and packaging waste from landfill. We are also supporting zero waste initiatives by creating the Food Waste Network, matchmaking any UK business with its ideal food waste recycling services. Our efforts to help caterers reduce waste to landfill were recently recognised with a WRAP-sponsored BCE Award for Environmental Leadership, and we are determined to continue driving best practice throughout the sector.”

The term compostable means that a product can biodegrade in under 12 weeks. Only compostable packaging can break down quickly enough to be included in food waste recycling. Whilst many packaging firms offer some eco options, Vegware is the UK’s only firm with third-party compostability certification for our full range of eco catering disposables. 

Vegware’s catering disposables are used by a wide range of foodservice operators, from the largest contract caterers and government departments through to artisan coffee houses. The award-winning SME has increased its turnover tenfold since 2008-9, and its unique products are listed by Brakes and 3663. The BCE Award is Vegware’s third win this year, after Green Company of the Year and a sought-after Footprint Award. Vegware is a member of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA), which is also a founding supporter of this agreement.


Notes to Editors 

  1. Vegware is a member of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA), which is also a founding supporter of this agreement.
  2. Praise for Vegware from WRAP: “We are very impressed that Vegware and its Food Waste Network are helping the catering sector minimise waste to landfill. They truly deserve this award for Environmental Leadership” - Marcus Gover, Director, WRAP.
  3. Further information on WRAP’s voluntary agreement on Hospitality and Foodservice can be found here.
  4. Vegware joins Compass, Domino’s Pizza, Greene King, Greggs, McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, Unilever Food Solutions, and other major players who have signed up from across the UK.
  5. The Vegware Song can be found at
  6. The Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE) Environmental Leadership Awards represents all that is innovative and cutting edge in environmental sustainability in the context of modern business practices. They are awarded only to those businesses that can actually demonstrate that they are making a real difference to their impact on the environment without affecting their ability to make a profit and develop the business for the future.
  7. Vegware supports grassroots sustainability projects with regular grants through the Vegware Community Fund.
  8. For details of all the awards and accolades Vegware has won, see

Vegware Ltd is the UK’s first and only completely compostable food packaging company. The award-winning firm specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of compostable packaging for food service. Vegware’s Food Waste Network matchmakes any UK business with food and used Vegware packaging from caterers, reprocessing it into topsoil, biogas or compost. Vegware invests in product development and has brought many compostable innovations to market, including hot cup lids, double wall cups, high-heat cutlery and soup containers.

Clients include Compass Group, Aramark, 3663 and Brakes as well as UK government offices and NHS units. Vegware is owned and managed by its founders. It is based in Edinburgh and distributes out of London, shipping to all over the UK, EU and beyond. The company's products are distributed in North America (Vegware US), Ireland, Benelux and South Africa. Visit for the full catalogue and further information.