Autocom Diagnostic Partner AB

Vehicle Diagnostics goes Cloud

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2012 09:20 GMT

AUTOCOM Diagnostic Partner AB prepares for the future and now presents an all new and exciting Cloud Solution or The AUTOCOM Online Concept.

AUTOCOM’s move to the Cloud based technology is a natural step forward for the company.

The opportunity to be able to provide Cloud based solutions for carrying out vehicle based diagnostics have been long on the minds of the developers at AUTOCOM. The benefits of a cloud based solutions are vast; scalability, mobility and security are just to name a few.

“Users will no longer need to be dependent on a particular type of operating system or programs on their computers to be able to carry out vehicle diagnostics. All they need is a device with a browser and an internet connection.  This will always ensure that the user have access to our latest vehicle database” – Mattias Lanhage, Product Manager, AUTOCOM

We have a working product right now, recently shown at Automechanika in Frankfurt, which needs fine tuning and further adjustments before its grand launch at the end of next year.

“We are always at the forefront of Automotive Diagnostics Solutions and this feels like a natural step in the right direction for us”, continues Mattias Lanhage.

Vehicles in the future to have inbuilt Wi-Fi is not a impossibility, rather a likelihood; AUTOOCOM together with our users will be ready to embrace the new technology with open arms

For questions and more information on AUTOCOM Online Concept, kindly contact: Mr. Mattias Lanhage, phone +46 520 47 07 11


Sector: Vehicle Diagnostics
Founded: 1991
Headquarter: Trollhättan, Sweden
Number of employees: 72
Turnover: €9 millions (2011)

Ownership company: Würth Group

AUTOCOM develop and market vehicle diagnostic equipment and supply workshops, vehicle inspections and vehicle manufacturers with tools that give them the most reliable intelligence for repair, adjustment and analysis. The vision is to provide the right vehicle information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.