Marcel Schreur

"Venom and Grace". A spiritual painting mirroring the power of the tongue and the choice we have to make in using it.

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 11:44 BST

Mas.s has used a new style to express a common and intrinsic problem in today's society. The painting  "Venom and Grace" is drawing the viewers attention towards the centre of the picture. To one of the most powerful and mismanaged organs in the human body. The tongue. It can give sweet joy, extraordinary sensation, communion and love. It possesses one of the most destructive capacities also.

The most popular media programmes are build around this little organ. Millions upon millions of people are mesmerized by its capacity to invoke this sweetness of joy and to make extraordinary sensations palpable. It has to taught us to use the tongue in any way possible. And we love it.

We often forget that the tongue is like an Arab stallion. A fullblood, literally. A responsibility to manage it, to control it. Giving sensations to everything it takes in and throws out. All sides of life it can recognise and influence; bitterness, sweetness. sourness, saltness and Unami. It makes you feel alive. A key feature of this little redhead.

Mas.s says "I think the even more important feature is what comes from the inside, from your mind, from your spirit. The liberty of speech. Its not only a sensation, a joy but above all a responsibility. The choice to keep quiet, to speak, to shout, to promise, to lie, to sooth, to love, to hate. It is all formed by this little organ. It can spread venom or grace, even by not saying anything. It can condone injustice, even by not saying anything. 

The value of the spoken word is under pressure, giving one's word is meaningless nowadays. The basis of a promise has eroded. A lie is common ground. The tongue and its usage is an essential part of that game. 

Mas.s has painted this theme in a for him extraordinary fashion. Gone are the harmonious swirls, curves and shapes, introducing the hard, chaotic and ugly lines and shapes. Soothing the picture with the blue drops of grace, something we are all in desperate need of. He says "We are a perpetrator and victim at the same time when this little devil gets out of control. It was the only way I could depict this harsh truth. The remedy is to realise the power of the tongue, control it and more then often, maybe 8 out of 10 times,  shut it."

Mas.s work touches upon spiritual and social issues in his conceptual art, his passion is tangible in his landscapes and portraits, they are recognisably different. He is currently working on a roadshow in the UK and his work has been invited to be seen in Italy in September and Australia in November.

More of his work can be viewed on or at 

Mas.S is my artist name.  I have  found the creativity to express myself through the following paintings. I have painted the beauty of this world and  some elementary topics in society at large in a new, fresh and colourful way. I hope you like it. Love, Mas.s