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Vodafone top up vouchers now available on the internet

Press release   •   May 15, 2010 07:30 BST

London, UK, (Mynewsdesk) May 15 2010 – Internet innovator Topups Direct have launched a site allowing Vodafone users to purchase Vodafone top up vouchers from the comfort of their own home.  The initiative marks a welcome inclusion for Vodafone top up purchasers in the perennially-growing “virtual high street”. 

With the internet shrinking everything to the size of a broadband connection, it’s a wonder that Vodafone top up vouchers haven’t been so readily available before.  Customers for everything from supermarket food shopping to haute couture and designer jewellery have been able to take a “stroll” down the bits and bytes-littered highway of the cybersphere – but Vodafone top up buyers (along with customers looking for topup vouchers for all the major phone companies) have been forced onto the real high street, standing in line for overworked machines to spit out lines of badly-printed type.  Not any more, though.  Topups Direct has given customers for Vodafone top ups an easy gateway, PayPal protected, that allows purchase of Vodafone topup vouchers of up to £50 in any one go.

The system works very similarly to high street Vodafone top up vouchers – just without the paper and the queuing.  A person wishing to purchase Vodafone top up vouchers from Topups Direct goes onto the site, selects the requisite network, and chooses an amount by which they would like to top up.  After that, they’re given the option to go through a PayPal secured gateway, or nominate a funds transfer system of their own preference.  Using PayPal for online Vodafone top ups ensures that the customer’s card details are not kept onsite: so anyone worrying about potential credit card fraud can rest easy. 

The final stage in the process, the delivery of Vodafone top up credit directly to a handset, happens within minutes – and, because the “voucher” code is contained in an SMS, rather than a scrip of shiny paper covered in smeared printer ink, you can actually read it.  All you do is, phone up your service provider, give them the code and presto!  The new Vodafone top up credit is ready to be used.

Some might say that giving customers another reason to stay away from the real high street is counter productive.  They obviously haven’t been to the real high street lately.  Any innovation that means people no longer have to queue in the proximity of loudmouthed groups of threatening youths, just to get a Vodafone top up, or wander past boarded-up shops and vast, all-engulfing supermarkets, is surely to be praised.  The internet killed the living high street a long time ago – it’s time that Vodafone top up vouchers, like everything else, got with the programme.  Internet shopping is the consumption of the future – it’s already the only sensible way to buy all forms of media and entertainment – which makes it only fitting that the best way to buy Vodafone top ups, and indeed topups for all the mobile service providers, has finally landed there too.  Vodafone top up vouchers, delivered straight from cyberspace to the screen of your mobile phone.  Now that’s technology.

About Topups Direct

Topups Direct offers instant mobile top up vouchers 24/7 for 18 network carriers. It caters for various consumers, ranging from people living in rural areas through to parents top up the children’s phones so they can always stay in touch. The company currently only provides credit for mobile pay as you go phones.

Topups Direct are a UK based company that have been trading online since 2009

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