“Voddler Free 100” - The 100 most loved free movies on Voddler

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2010 15:11 BST

Web based video-on-demand service Voddler has now compiled a list of the 100 free movies that Voddlers customers like best, based on the voddlerites own lists of favorites.

The Top-10 spots on the “Voddler Free 100”-list are held by:

1         Lord of War (2005),
Nicolas Cage in a thriller about illegal arms trade, based on actual events.

2         It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
College comedy where the school nerd magically changes bodies with the school sports jock.

3         Apocalypto (2006)
Mel Gibson's brutal action movie about a young man's struggle against the Mayans.

4         Lucky Number Slevin  (2006)
Josh Hartnett in a film noir-inspired crime story. Josh Hartnett in a film noir-inspired crime story.

5         Senior Skip Day (2007)
The biggest loser has to plan a skip day for the entire school.

6         G.I. Jane (1997)
Demi Moore in Ridley Scott's movie about the first woman to be accepted into the Navy SEALS.

7         Hotel Rwanda (2004)
A hotel owner fights to save human life during the genocide in Rwanda.

8         Shooting Dogs (2005)
A young idealist clashes with a seasoned missionary in war-torn Rwanda.

9         Crash (2004)
Academy Award-winning drama about a group of strangers, whose fates all connect during a day of racial struggles in Los Angeles.

10     The Ultimate Gift  (2007)
Jason thought inheritance meant money - but boy, was he mistaken.


See the full list here: http://www.voddler.com/profile/view/VoddlerFree/favorites/


The list is compiled from the titles that appear on Voddler’s own customers lists of favorites.


-          We could have looked at the ratings that our voddlerites give each movie, but we thought it even more telling which titles that they put on their own lists of favorites. It signals that these movies are important to me – and put together it gave us a list of the movies that are the most loved and appreciated by all our customers, says Anders Sjöman, head of communication at Voddler.


Voddler offers over 3000 titles, both feature films and TV-series. About 80% of the titles that Voddler offer are for free, where voddlerites are shown 3-4 minutes of ads before the film starts. Voddler is freely available for everyone in Sweden and Norway, and on an invitation-only basis in Finland and Denmark.


Voddler also regularly compiles the “Voddler 100”-list, which combines both free and rental movies on Voddler. The most recent list is found here: http://www.voddler.com/profile/view/Voddler100/favorites/.

For more information, contact

Anders Sjöman, head of communications, +46 70 717 60 78, anders.sjoman@voddler.com

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