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vPBX phone systems make Keypoint’s business communication service guarantee of cheaper business calls

Press Release   •   Nov 24, 2010 11:38 GMT

Faversham, Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), 24 November 2010 – Kent based provider of cheaper business calls Keypoint Communications is using vPBX phone systems to ensure that its guarantee of cheaper business calls really hits the mark. The local business communication wizard, which has attracted a steadily growing number of Kent business customers over the last year, is undercutting all national competition to provide genuine business comms solutions at excellent prices, with clear bills, simple packages and no unnecessary extras. And all because of vPBX.

Remember when the Internet revolutionised communications, by allowing you to send letters to people that they could read instantly? We’re all so used to that now that we forget how amazing it is. And it is. But it’s nothing compared to the amazingly amazing technology that lies behind the vPBX phone systems – total cohesion of all forms of person to person and business to business contact, run through a virtual phone system that will allow any user to talk to any other user in a mutually understandable way, even if they are using completely different types of device to do so.

This new type of business communication service works like this: it runs all comms through a computer network. So mobile phone calls, email, normal phone calls, text messages, tweets, beeps, the lot – they all run through a centralised private branch exchange held in cyberspace, which operates through a company’s existing phone line. That’s what vPBX stands for – a virtual Private Branch Exchange. And it’s allowing Keypoint Communications to offer genuinely cheaper business calls because it is software based, rather than equipment based – which means no heavy installation costs, no equipment costs or maintenance costs. Just a software licence, a computer and a phone line and you’re off, communicating within the business and with the world across all known forms of device in a single location.

vPBX phone systems are clearly the communications way of the future. Once a business communications system has been set up through vPBX, the company that uses it can simply licence whatever functionalities it requires. That means never paying for a service you don’t use, ever again. Keypoint’s major playing card, when it comes up against its competitors, is its ability to bill for everything in a straightforward and easily understandable fashion. That’s possible because it has everything at its fingertips, via its vPBX phone systems – and simply releases whatever a client has paid for.

Small businesses are running to Keypoint to set up their cheaper business calls – because this flexible system means that a business can book in for a package that fills its requirements right now, and then expand its subscription as it grows in size. Previously, businesses either had to make do with a woefully inadequate business communications system until it had grown to a point where it had the money to buy a bigger one – or to buy a phone system that way exceeded its needs, much too early, when it couldn’t really afford it. The Keypoint model, using vPBX phone systems to deliver exactly what is needed as it is needed, makes those cheaper business calls, finally, a reality.

About Keypoint Communications

Keypoint Communications provide voice and data solutions to SME's. Using their own national network infrastructure they are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution using their own highly developed vPBX platform.

For additional information on a bespoke IP telecommunication solution and to benefit from this innovative, emerging technology contact Keypoint Communications.

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