''WE - THE SKYTHIANS: THE LIE OF THE LAND OF AEGYPT" by David Alan Ritchie was published 12 noon 12/12/12 at a sacred location on the Roseline

Press release   •   Dec 17, 2012 19:00 GMT


12 12 12 saw the publication of WE - THE SKYTHIANS by David Alan Ritchie, celebrated atop Mount Lothian and then at Rosslyn.

Scottish Rite freemasonry and the True Temple of Solomon in the landscape.

  David Ritchie's twenty years of research have yielded literally earth-shattering results, so there is some trepidation regarding the possible consequences - political, religious, personal and planetary - of the publication of his paradigm-shifting work on the riddle of the Giza complex, which, at a serendipitous meeting there, impressed even Zahi Hawass, who murmured, "I think you've got it...'' to a not too surprised David, who knew he had.

The world-wide web revealed by David's resonance-based geometrical calculations is an ancient one, and its threads lead through the duat to the sky - or should that be over the sea to Skye....
Here at last, revealed just as Cayce predicted, is the incontrovertible proof that we have been taught not one but many false histories over time, for reasons of politics and power...

His conclusions, that Britain was the centre of a highly advanced civilisation destroyed by a celestial impact - though drawn from different sources and with much new supporting evidence, are reminiscent of the heretical ideas of William Comyns Beaumont* - not only placing Atlantis, Egypt and Jerusalem in the British Isles, but also drawing the inevitable religious conclusions.

Those who may have puzzled over the significance of London 2012 may now begin to see the picture more clearly, and perhaps ponder the significance of the bell, which topic is also thoroughly explored by the author.


The book is currently available in hardback and ebook format with a paperback version due shortly, and there will be membership facilities and benefits on the website from 17 Jan 2013.

*The ideas put forward by David Ritchie are backed up by such as Comyns Beaumont, Whatmore, Waddell, Watkins, Manetho, Josephus, Caesar, Plato, Blake, Morris, Newton, Handel, Wagner, Lewis, Eliot, Priestley, Velikovsky, Heindel, Mozart, Bach, the Pre-Raphaelites, Poussin, etc etc

The Skythian Society Press, an imprint of RESONANCE BookWorks,  publishes works on alternative history.

Our newest title is WE - THE SKYTHIANS: THE LIE OF THE LAND OF AEGYPT, by David Alan Ritchie.

This 400page book is the culmination of twenty years of research into the mystery of the Giza pyramid complex; the results of which were demonstrated to Dr Zahi Hawass at Giza at the very time predicted by Edgar Cayce. Dr Hawass acknowledged that Mr Ritchie did indeed appear to have deciphered the code, discovering the resonance-based nature of the edifices, which are fundamental to a world-wide energy grid centred on the Roseline through the British Isles. Further detective work revealed the true location of Jerusalem. In Scotland. And all that follows

This is a very important book.