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Web development Kent company delivers right on the money

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2010 13:37 GMT

Kent, UK (mynewsdesk), 17 November 2010 – It’s not easy to keep a web site up and running. Gone are the days when a company simply had to employ a web development Kent company once, to actually build their site: these days, just maintaining a reasonably visible position on the returning results of the major search engines is a practically full time job. Kent residents, then, are lucky to have Creative Marketing, an online marketing Kent outfit that has sprung up in the recent past to take the strain from the small to medium sized businesses in the area.

The idea behind Creative Marketing Kent is very simple. Smaller businesses need to use nimbler and much cleverer tactics if they are to get their products and services seen by the people who might like to buy them. The web development Kent company has developed a complete set of clever tricks for small businesses operating online in the county to maximise their local sales potential and so claim a corner of the virtual world for their own.

Creative marketing is basically the tactic of finding niches for a company, a service or product – by narrowing potentially huge marketing areas down to much more specifically defined ideas. Creative Marketing Kent gets its customers high sales ratios by examining their products, their services and sites, and then directing their marketing in very definite ways. The creativity bit lies in researching, sourcing and developing the ideas that back up the marketing – in finding new ways to make a website highly visible in its little corner of the world.

One very effective way of doing this – certainly one of the ways in which Creative Marketing has achieved considerable success, is in web development Kent. Web development, which used to be a simple case of putting text, pictures and a few whizzy buttons in the right order, is now a startlingly complex operation, in which developers, designers and programmers try to order the background code of a site, and the little routines embedded in its programming, in such a way that search engine “web spiders” will find it alluring.

According to Creative Marketing Kent, it’s the difference between having a clean house and a messy one. “Search Engines,” says Justin Bridges, company founder and director, “like order. It’s that simple. Bring one into an untidy house and it won’t stay.” What that means is keeping everything of a certain type in a certain place – so all the text on a site page is ordered very neatly in its code, in a single location. Even if – and this is the confusing bit, though the online marketing Kent company insists that, to a search engine, it’s much simpler – the text itself actually appears, visually, to be in several different places.

The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating – and the results of this web development Kent company are pretty tasty. JB Creative Marketing has brought fast and noticeable results to hundreds of small Kent businesses – whose services are now selling well on the web.

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JB Creative Marketing delivers marketing solutions for companies needing to utilize its online potential. Catering for all sizes of business, JB Creative Marketing also provides services that include taking organizations from their current business model and implementing that online to advisory roles on campaign’s and streamlining of marketing budgets.

JB Creative Marketing is geographically placed to help service the businesses in and around London, with all clients currently UK based.

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