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Website shows the ‘clear’ benefits of Diamon Fusion

Press Release   •   Jul 18, 2012 16:43 BST

Diamon-Fusion UK has launched its website to support the arrival of the country’s newest automotive nanotechnology product.

The site provides full details of the revolutionary two-stage windscreen treatment which is only available from car dealerships and garages and is designed to make driving safer.

Visitors can also watch a short video which explains in simple terms how the treatment works and its benefits, which includes increasing visibility by up to 30 per cent and making the glass more scratch and impact resistant.

A real life demonstration of Diamon-Fusion at work on a car driving in heavy rain can be seen, which shows excellent visibility for one half of a windscreen which has been treated compared with the restricted view from the untreated half. The contrast in visibility in the two sides has to be seen to be believed!

Among the other advantages of Diamon-Fusion’s special coating is that it reduces night time glare by up to 25 per cent, plus it eradicates frosty glass on cold mornings.

Nathan Curzons, director, Diamon-Fusion UK, said: “Our new website is a one-stop shop for motorists wishing to learn the benefits of this radical windscreen treatment which has only just arrived in the UK. It forms part of our extensive marketing programme that will be used to support car dealerships and garages stocking the product, helping them to boost their aftersales business.”

And Diamon-Fusion believes its treatment will also be particularly appealing to the growing number of drivers who are finding that either their insurance policy no longer includes windscreen chip and replacement cover or the excess level for such cover has been increased significantly.

“If there was ever one country in the world that needed Diamon-Fusion then surely it’s the UK with its changeable weather, including frequent sharp downpours followed by incredibly bright sunshine. It’s also not unheard of to have four seasons in one day.

“However, those drivers who have had their windscreens treated with Diamon-Fusion can rest assured that they can tackle whatever the British weather throws at them, whatever time of year,” added Curzons.

Meanwhile, dealerships keen to know more about Diamon-Fusion’s aftersales business opportunities can also visit the new website, contact 02476 305880 or email