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Weight Loss: Some Important Tips

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2010 08:12 GMT

Obesity is a great crisis and it is a global crisis no doubt. Men and women of different age groups, from children to their grandpas, are found to be victims of obesity. It is another thing that obese people are found more in the highly developed and progressively developing countries in the world. Naturally, suggestions and prescriptions on weight loss from the knowledgeable people are crowding the offline and online media everyday.

This article contains some inevitably important tips which can benefit the people who want to know fundamentals of weight loss.

a) The obese patient should seek advices from his personal physician. He should know what his weight should be for his age and height. He must record his weight. His blood pressure should also be recorded.

b) The patient should consult with a responsible dietitian who would tell him what kinds of food he must sacrifice and what others he must include in his diet. It is always good for him if he takes smaller quantity of food at an interval of three hours a day. The fact is never like that he would be instructed to quit everything that he loves or prefers. He may not be advised to forget his favorite chocolate candy for good. His energy level must not be sacrificed or compromised.

c) It is imperative to learn details of physical exercises from an expert teacher. Half of an hour walking is not sufficient, although some people suggest something like this. Weight loss demands sweating of the body through manual labor. Physical exercises would be enough if the obese patient sweats profusely. This is to mean that extra fat of his body must be burnt everyday. He should keep bear in mind that he must be regular in physical exercises and that he must maintain the timing.

d) Combating obesity for achieving weight loss is a great challenge. He should not be confused at the sight of the starling advertisements. It is a question of bringing about a change in the lifestyle. The patient should not get disappointed. None of the battles has ever been won unless the fighters have maintained high level of self-confidence.

e) Lastly, the patient targeting weight loss should prepare a chart in which he must record daily data from food to exercises. He must record his weekly weight. He should be engaged in continuous study of the entries, their comparison, necessary changes in food and in lifestyle.

Yes, the patient should follow these steps to find effective benefit in the long run.

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