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Weight Loss: Surefire Suggestions

Press Release   •   Sep 15, 2010 10:29 BST

More and more people around the world have been found to be suffering from obesity, although most of them live in the industrially developed countries. This has prompted people in great number to engage their energy and time to find out measures to combat obesity. Suggestions and tips are available in plenty. This article is to highlight some important aspects about weight loss measures.

Weight loss program
involves some factors like food or diet, physical exercises, medicines and lifestyle. All of the factors stated are linked with each other and they demand due consideration to address the problem of obesity properly.

It is, again, important to mention that there must be a concrete planning to achieve the target. This planning should come out as combined efforts of the patient, his personal physician and his teacher of physical exercises. The obese person should maintain a register in which he must daily put values of his weight, food taken, accounts of physical exercises, medicines taken etc. He, along with his personal physician, must check the register once in every week and study the result. They may find it necessary to do some changes in the program.

Food is said to be the root of all evils. In the weight loss program the issue of food should be seriously addressed. The patient must take those food which his physician or dietitian has prescribed for him. It is not true that he will never be allowed to take his favorite chocolate candy. He will be asked to have a limit at any point. He may be asked to quit some of his favorite food, and some new food will be suggested.

He must follow advices of his teacher in physical exercises. His task is to do such things that will make him sweat. This is to mean that fats in his body must be burned. He may be advised to run or jog or do some other things including Hot Yoga.

There are medicines prescribed by the physicians for the obese patient. They suggest such medicine which will reduce his appetite which actually grows from his stomach and brain. They also suggest medicines to help in burning of his fat. It should be noted that medicines alone cannot do the expected things in the weight loss planning.

Lastly, the obese patient must reorder his lifestyle. It is difficult to hit the target if daily movement of the patient is limited to ‘from ac to ac’ or if he requires absolutely no movement in his daily life. It is also possible that he cannot live without daily alcohol. The patient, for his own interest, must change his orientation and lifestyle to get rid of the curse of obesity.

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