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We’re perfectly placed for the Job Hopping Generation” States CMA Global.

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2018 16:15 GMT

As reports hit that the current generation is the most  open to job hopping and seeking out new opportunities for success,  CMA Global has outlined how, rather than be afraid of this emerging trend they are excited to cater to it.

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With research stacking up for Millennials and Generations Z’s working habits, CMA Global are urging businesses to adapt and maximise their opportunities with the young generation. Evidence points towards an uncommitted generation, with statistics showing that 60% of millennials say they are open to a different job opportunity and 21% stating that they’ve changed jobs within the last year.

The freedom seekers are keen to seek opportunities where they aren’t tied to an organisation instead free to move and travel to find the best opening for themselves.

With freelancing and entrepreneurship, a popular choice amongst the independent generation, CMA Global offer opportunities for individuals looking to develop experience on their terms. Professionals can choose their working hours, develop skills in entrepreneurship through free onsite workshops and with uncapped earning potential they can forge their way to financial freedom.

The renowned ‘job hoppers’ ban also benefits from the firm's extensive network of global business partners with frequent travel opportunities for top performers. From training seminars, awards galas, to market tests the company often have remote teams outside the office.

CMA Global boasts a strong and engaged workforce. Their unique business model meets the needs of most Millennials. The firm will continue to operate within a set up which accommodates multiple generations offering rewards and promotion upon merit.

CMA Global Inc. is now looking to offer places within their firm to individuals who are seeking ways to enhance their business knowledge and develop healthy working habits. CMA Global Inc. is structured in the continuous growth of their clients in a hardworking, dedicated, and team building environment.

To preserve the company culture and ensure a sustainable future surrounding a strong team vision, CMA Global conducts their onboarding process in-house, so there is no need to register with an agency. They are confident their hands-on approach will allow them to maintain their stature and promote brand image throughout all their conducted business.

Current opportunities will range from sales, customer service, and brand management to administration. Contact the office administration team, for up-to-date information on current availability. 


Managing Director 

Marques Aiken