West Midlands Businessman creates TED for Oil & Gas Industry

Press Release   •   Feb 07, 2017 16:02 GMT


7 February 2017

West Midlands Businessman, Shaun Wilson has today announced the opening of Track Energy Data, known now as TED.

Shaun explains, “TED is a cumulative effort between Oil & Gas teams worldwide and will address the urgent needs among professionals from top Operators, EPC’s, Supply Chains, Recruitment companies and HR managers, operating at all levels within the global Oil & Gas industries”.

Inspired by what he saw in Linked In, Shaun has attempted to provide a database solution making key industry intelligence and data available on line. Shaun commented, “the Operators mainly select EPC’s from who they know to perform, time after time. Rarely picking from the coal face, the Operators and top EPC’s, use Achilles to derive sensitive information about their supply partners. Information such as financials, accountability, delivery and other critical points of a project deal, are all written up to research and find. There was, however, a gap in the information which pertained to people. Whether Engine Room, Riggers, Engineers, Welders or whatever, following several downturns, through significant change, good people soon disappeared. They may have retired, they may have found alternative work, started small businesses, even passed on. There was simply nothing around that tracked people, only projects and supply”.

Asked how he put this together in relatively short time and with seemingly no data background, Shaun replied, “I have formed an excellent team around me, some have knowledge of data, some are IT professionals, Web developers and code writers. They are spread around the world, working in the USA, Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand. I am the founder, funder and project manager and the eyes and ears of this changing industry, therefore the fundamental design and offering is from my whiteboard”.

On taking TED to market, Shaun replied, “easily. I recognise my skills and my limitations. I look around and work with people who can get a job done. One such person is Ms. Debby Giglio. Deb originally started building a database on her own, in fact, she was the first person to speak about building a base with a “personnel” dynamic. She did manage to secure a vast number of contacts and connections and started to build up a database. As she said, working remotely from developers and running out of steam and money has meant that the data remains intact, but not built.Debby has been helping the branded supply chain to build their networks and Social scene. Three big names in the UK and one of the bigger names in Italy are among her claims to fame. It is with her knowledge and skills, her vast marketing and communications experience and her uncanny knack of networking through Social Media, that prompted me to ask Debby on board to take TED to the market place. For those that know Debby, or know of her, they will understand why I am confident about the success of TED with her consulting in the processes”.

Debby Giglio commented, “TED comes from a whole new perspective than my own idea had done. It addresses so many problems with a relatively singular solution. It really offers a “WIN WIN” for buyer and seller, for Recruiter and Candidate and keeps the Operator updated on the reality of industry matters. In fact, as has been suggested, TED compliments Achilles beautifully, looking after the human side of the equation. We must remember business is done between two or more human beings, it is not robotic or artificial, although with automated RFQ systems coming on board, the bigger companies are losing the personal touch, real-time decision making, flexible strategic changes etc. A place for everything, everything in its place, but nothing automated about the buying cycles”.

TED is open for registration and expressions of interest and will go on line shortly. It looks like Track Energy Data will do what it says on the tin and could really disrupt the Global Oil & Gas Industry. In closing Shaun said, “I will hand over to Debby, the CSR’s and the IT architecture team and look forward to resolving problems with great value for money solutions very soon!”.


Shaun M Wilson has more than 35 years in the Global Oil & Gas Industry within the supply chain. Today, Shaun offers Business Development Services, Stock Movement Advice, Small Business Management & Consulting, operates a mid-size Property portfolio, owns two businesses and is Founder, CEO of TED.

Media Contacts: Shaun Wilson or Debby Giglio