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Westminster Water Company Introduces Halal Certified Water Purifier to the UK

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2016 07:00 GMT

The Westminster Water Company (WWC), a London-based provider of high quality water purification products, has recently introduced a line of Halal certified water purifiers to the United Kingdom. This is a unique accolade for these types of products; however, it does increase the company’s appeal to a wider range of customers.

Typically, filter cartridges for water purifiers are made from numerous materials at different stages to ensure thorough water filtration. Included in the long list of materials that have been used by companies is bone char. Bone char is made from charring animal bones and used to remove fluoride and metal ions from water. Although this is an outdated filtration method, it is still utilised by some companies in particular countries.

The NIHOMA Group, the Westminster Water Company’s main supplier, acknowledged that some consumers may be reluctant to purchase a water purifier due to uncertainty about the materials used in filter cartridges. As such, the company acquired a Halal certification to reassure consumers that their products are suitable for all demographics and beliefs.

Managing Director of WWC, Zeon Cheong, stated, “Water is an unappreciated commodity but essential nevertheless. We believe that it is important that we are transparent with our customers about the materials we are using to filter their water and continue to reassure them when we can. As such not only have we acquired Halal certified products but customers have access to full descriptions of the contents of our filter cartridges.”

The Westminster Water Company UK Ltd. is London based start-up and provider of high quality water purifiers imported from Penang, Malaysia. The company is owned and operated by 3 directors, Henning Durden, Zeon Cheong and Stefan Babb, the latter 2 having acquired their Graduate Entrepreneur visas by way of sponsorship from the University of Westminster.

Founded in March 2016, the business idea was rooted in a perceived low tap water quality in London, the inconveniences faced by consumers in purchasing bottled water and the impacts bottled water consumption is having on the environment.