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Press Release   •   Nov 23, 2016 07:00 GMT

As of October 2016, the Westminster Water Company has made a range of NIHOMA water purifiers available for purchase in the United Kingdom. The London based start-up has partnered with the NIHOMA Group, an experienced and reputable South East Asian brand to supply their purification products to the British population.

The water purifiers can be purchased for the home or office and depending on the model, can be placed on countertops, under the sink or just standing. What makes these purifiers unique is the thorough filtration technology and product quality that has given the brand its notoriety overseas.

Managing Director of the Westminster Water Company, Zeon Cheong, who worked with the brand in Malaysia stated, “Our goal is to change consumer perceptions of tap and bottled water. We wish to not only provide a reliable source of clean, healthy water to consumers but also contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution caused by overconsumption of bottled water.

The brand has managed to garner a variety of awards and accolades overseas including a Halal certification making it the first brand of its type in the United Kingdom to acquire such a certification. More importantly, the Westminster Water Company continues to emphasize cost saving opportunities for to purchase their purifiers. “If you consider the money you spend monthly on bottled water for your household, you can actually save money in the short and long term by purchasing a purifier”, said Mr. Cheong.

The company, having been started by 3 young Graduate Entrepreneurs from the University of Westminster, has been built on a diverse set of skills and knowledge. The young men intend on using their unique skill sets to propel the company forward. 

The Westminster Water Company UK Ltd. is London based start-up and provider of high quality water purifiers imported from Penang, Malaysia. The company is owned and operated by 3 directors, Henning Durden, Zeon Cheong and Stefan Babb, the latter 2 having acquired their Graduate Entrepreneur visas by way of sponsorship from the University of Westminster.

Founded in March 2016, the business idea was rooted in a perceived low tap water quality in London, the inconveniences faced by consumers in purchasing bottled water and the impacts bottled water consumption is having on the environment. 

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