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What XL features does the HTC One XL bring to the table?

Press Release   •   Apr 05, 2012 16:58 BST

With XL in the name the HTC One XL has a reputation it has to live up to. But is it really XL? Does it really offer XL features? Or is it really just eXtra fake?

Lets start with the basics, the mobile itself is XL when it comes to design, at a large 134.8mm tall this handset has to have height so it can comfortably house the large 4.7 Inch 720p HD Touch screen. With a large design you would expect it to be extra thick, but at a tiny 8.9mm thin this phone is the absolute opposite. WIth a slim design this phone may be extra big but it still sits comfortably in your hand and slips into a pocket or bag. 

The XL touch screen offers optimal viewing, advanced navigation and the best interaction you can get from a mobile phone. Letting you really feel every movement and interact with your data and the extra features you can get the best mobile experience. 

An extraordinary 1.5GHz Dual Core processor ensures extra fast speed when browsing the internet, using this mobile or any of its features. A quicker web browsing experience means you can get things done on the internet that you need doing, you can browse more and get it all done quicker than you can imagine. 

With phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 growing closer to a release date it will be interesting to see if it will stand up to such amazing mobiles like this One XL.

A bigger than XL 16B internal ensures you have more than enough space to save everything you could possibly want on a mobile. No need to worry about running low on space there is more than enough there for you to save everything so you can carry it all around with you. 

This HTC is not content on having the best features, but it also has to have the most popular OS, with Android 4.0. That paired with HTC Sense 4 and you have the biggest collection of extra special features you could want in a mobile. The biggest selection of entertainment available right at your finger tips, this mobile has it all covered. 

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