Why Bergen is the perfect place for server hosting

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 09:56 GMT

Having a virtual private server (VPS) is a godsend for small companies as it helps save money on hardware. ServerBite, a Norwegian server hosting company based in Bergen claim they have the safest environment for server hosting.

Everybody wants to save money on IT, and a VPS is a smart way of cutting costs on hardware. But leaving your data in someone elses care involves risk and you should choose a partner who´ll keep your data in a safe place.

Norway is known for it’s curtious and level-headed people, and the hosting specialists at ServerBite in Bergen is no different. But when it comes to robust and safe hosting they are not afraid to brag. They are very certain they have the best place for hosting data.

- I think maybe it´s the granite and solidity of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen that makes us so focussed on keeping things safe, says Erik Windahl Olsen, CEO of ServerBite.

Norway has the perfect cold climate to help ensure servers never overheat. The year average temperature in Bergen is in fact only 9 degrees celcius (48 fahrenheit), and unlike most parts of Norway it doesn´t snow much.

- The cold weather helps, but it´s the quality of the servers, backup units and most of all people that really makes the difference when choosing a virtual host, Windahl Olsen claims. We focus on user friendliness, simplicity and providing a robust service. People appriciate that.

About Serverbite

ServerBite offers user friendly virtual private server hosting across the Northern European Market. They operate out of 3 data centres in Bergen, Norway. ServerBite is the international label of Webhuset who has been in the server hosting business sine 1998. Owned by Webhuset Invest.