Henry Baker

Why Local Businesses Are Poised for a Revolution

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2010 19:32 BST

Wednesday 22nd September, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire – “The world of business is moving extremely fast” says local author Henry Baker “the old norms are disappearing and being replaced by something almost unrecognizable. The funny thing is, in the next few years everything is going to come full circle”

Mr.Baker goes on to explain just how things will change “Up until recently, everybody thought that because globalization and technology were breaking down trade barriers, local businesses wouldn’t be able to compete and we’d all end up shopping at ASDA and buying our furniture from IKEA, it now appears the opposite will be the case. The more globalization and technology dominate the way we do business, the more picky people get about what they buy, and the organic food movement is an early example of this.”

He continues “In the future, specialization will be the watchword of successful business and it is small, local firms who will flourish. Their ability to innovate quickly, coupled with inexpensive media like email, social media and mobile marketing will give them a distinct advantage over the slow, lumbering multi-nationals. If they are prepared to learn and develop, local businesses will flourish!”

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