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Winston Churchill's Secret British Enemy - New Evidence of MI5 involvement of Dirty Tricks against Churchill

Press Release   •   Apr 18, 2012 14:46 BST

March 2012 saw the launch of writer and researcher   Jonathan Pile’s first book – Churchill’s Secret Enemy. Mr Pile a lifelong Liberal Democrat who has written for Tribune in the past, sought to answer some of the questions about the collapse of the Liberal Party in the 1920’s and the Wilderness Years of one time Liberal Statesman Winston Churchill in 1930’s in his heroic opposition to the appeasement of Nazi Germany.  By drawing on the unpublished private papers of MI5 officer Sir Joseph Ball, who became Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s key advisor and confidant, Mr Pile produces startling new evidence surrounding the dirty tricks campaign against Churchill which nearly succeeded in ending Churchill’s political career in 1938. Ball ran a Watergate style conspiracy against the Liberal and Labour parties, with his agents planted in the Party headquarters and used his secret control of a right wing journal to smear anti-nazis in Britain including Churchill. His dirty tricks included use of illegal phone taps, burglary and mail interception using his friends in MI5. Ball even organises secret negotiations with Nazi Germany as part of a group of wealthy establishment figures opposed to Churchill.  New evidence of the corrupt financing of Ball’s campaign from funds gained from notorious honours trafficker Maundy Gregory , Bahamas Tax Exile Gold Magnate Sir Harry Oakes  and pro-fascist Sir Henry Drummond Wolff show the hidden side of appeasement in Britain.  Ball’s activities culminate in the Hess Peace Mission of May 1941 and Mr Pile uncovers Ball’s friendship with James Bond creator Ian Fleming and the strange stopping of London Landmark Big Ben on June 4th 1941 for 12 hours at the crucial period after Hess’s arrival and before the Nazi surprise attack on Russia. The use of Big Ben as a method of secret communication would be used in Fleming’s James Bond 1965 Film Thunderball.  As a the first Political Spin Doctor Sir Joseph Ball by his use of dirty tricks and propaganda ensured the Conservative Party and the Conservative coalitions which followed dominated the political scene from 1922 to 1945 and his attempts at an alliance with Nazi Germany came perilously close to success. This book casts a new light on  the hidden world of establishment treason  which even reached into Buckingham Palace and is a must read for those interested in Churchill’s fight against Hitler and the events of the interwar period. 

Churchill’s Secret Enemy is available from Lulu.com for £12.99





About the Author

Jonathan Pile is a Health and Safety Consultant who lives in Wakefield.  Like his hero Eric Blair, writer George Orwell he has written for Tribune when in 2004 he exposed Joseph Ball’s illegal use of forged MI6 intelligence to alter the outcome of 1924 General Election to the detriment of the Liberals and Labour. He has spent ten years researching this his first book and his researches have taken him to archives closed to the general public including the Conservative Party Archive at The Bodelian Library in Oxford University, Balliol College Oxford, The MI5 Archive at the National Archives , the British Foreign Office in London , and has researched papers from Australia, the Bahamas, Russia and the United States.  He is currently finishing his next book on George VI “His Majesty’s Secret” for publication in 2013.


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