Women 'overhaul' their bodies five times a year for holidays and the wedding season

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2013 12:13 BST

Holidays, wedding and special occasions should be diary dates to look forward, unless you are feeling far from peak condition.

That’s why so many women try to transform themselves –  typically five times a year, a survey has revealed.

The ‘body overhaul’ usually entails working out at the gym and eating more healthily to shed those extra pounds.

Men, on other hand, feel a lot less pressure as they start a new diet and fitness regime just twice a year.

For women, going on a summer holiday is the main incentive, with 60 per cent wanting to shape up to don a bikini on the beach.

Just behind is going to a wedding, dubbed trying to achieve the ‘bridesmaid body’, as they want to shine in all those photos of the big day.

Although women strive for a new look every two to three months on average, one in 12 take on the challenge an incredible seven times a year.

Ending a relationship is also an incentive to change for a third of women, perhaps to show their ex just what he’s missing.

Conversely, celebrating getting back together with a partner is cited by just over a quarter. Meanwhile wanting to get back to their old selves after having a baby is the reason for 29 per cent.

Being reunited with old college or school friends encourages 26 per cent into a body overhaul.

Other occasions inspiring a  personal revamp are a date with a new man, meeting a partner’s parents or a birthday bash.

Wanting to impress in a new job or excel at a sporting event make up the top ten reasons to shape up, according to the poll of 1,000 women by fitness provider

The survey showed that men have a much more laid-back approach to body image

Co-founder Jamie Ward said: ‘It seems that, for the most part, women are gearing up for specific events or occasions and undertaking exercise in shorter, sharp bursts, rather than for a  prolonged period.’

The survey also revealed regional differences. Female Londoners bid to overhaul themselves the most, with nearly seven attempts a year, closely followed by those in Birmingham, Glasgow and Southampton.

In contrast, Geordies are happy with the lowest number of annual revamps – fewer than four. Women in Nottingham and Bristol tried a similar number while those in Liverpool and Norwich varied between four and five.

Last month, experts in Missouri, US, found that exercise alone was enough for men to slim but women had to improve their diet as well to gain the same results.

Dr Chris Easton, a lecturer in clinical exercise psychology at the University of West Scotland, said: ‘One main reason is body composition. Men have a higher proportion of muscle which has a higher metabolic rate than fat.’

To gain the same effect as a man working at 65 per cent effort, a woman needs to work at 85 per cent or do it for longer, he added.

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