Wow Party Wholesale Announces Special Offers on Wholesale Party Supplies for Birthday

Press release   •   Apr 26, 2019 11:53 BST

Wow Party Wholesale, a specialist wholesale supplier of party decorations in the UK, announced special offers on the purchase of birthday party supplies and decorations recently.

The company extends this offer to customers looking for all types of Wholesale Party Supplies for birthday celebrations and decorations.

The company made this announcement in the wake of upcoming birthday celebrations that had marked their calendar during this time last year. While last year they could not generate optimum revenue through these opportunities, the company plans to make the most of it this year.

Addressing this, manager of Wow Party Wholesale said, “We have seen a consistent trend of sales for birthday party supplies increasing in the first quarter. This time, our team has been quick enough to pick up on it and offer customers the best of Wholesale Party Supplies.

Furthermore, he added that the company is thus introducing various offers on its range of birthday supplies. He also said that the offers are here to stay and will be available as long as the company sees a remarkable demand for these supplies and decorations.

The list of birthday decorative items the company is extending these offers to include bags and gift wraps, balloons, cakes, etc. They are also available on birthday greeting cards, themed decorations, party accessories and many more.

For example, customers can get free shipping when they purchase Wholesale Party Candleswith an order amount exceeding £100 and other supplies. Some other attractive offers included special benefits on the purchase of number balloons which are available on the company’s website in different colours & offers on baby shower party supplies.

The company also offered birthday party supplies that started from as low as £10. Accompanying it was an offer of free delivery with the surety of delivery within 3 to 5 days.

The people present there expressed excitement over these announcements. One of them, Julia Moore, an old customer of the company said, I am extremely thankful to Wow Party Wholesale for their free delivery offer. With them, now I can easily get party supplies for my party shop which would save me a lot of money.

Similar was the enthusiasm among other attendees present at the event who had their own stories to share.

As for the company, with this announcement, it is expecting to receive high demand for birthday decors like Wholesale Party Candles. It is also hopeful of increasing its retail sales along with the wholesale ones as retail orders never stop arriving.

These offers will only add impetus to the multitude of sales they are receiving these days. The company remains hopeful of increased demand for other party supplies as well.

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Wow Party Wholesale is a renowned supplier of Wholesale Party Supplies in the UK. The company has gained a reputation for a wide range of decorative party items it puts on offer from time to time. They are also well-known for introducing many discounts and offers from time to time.