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Writer wants to help prevent young black people from joining street gangs

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2012 11:14 BST

His first book has made an impression with anyone wanting to know how to divert young black people from joining street gangs and now the author Emeka Egbuonu is available for interview to explain more about his incredible work.

Stirred into action after the riots across England last summer, Emeka wrote a book which explains why gang culture is on the rise and details how those gangs lead young people into danger and bring about community division, fear and deep distrust.

Emeka said: "I began working as a youth worker after seeing teenagers making the same mistakes I had in fighting others for no real reason. I developed a programme of seminars called Consequences, which is where the book gets its name.

“So instead of just saying “Don’t do drugs,” or “Don’t do guns,” we look at the barriers stopping young people from achieving certain things in their life. The book looks at the impact of broken homes, peer pressure and the negative and positive effects that can have.

“More importantly, the book focuses on why young people don’t realise they are a victim and why that lack of realisation is happening on a daily basis.”

His self-published book 'Consequences - Breaking the negative cycle' is selling well on various outlets including Amazon.

It has also had some very impressive reviews including Professor David Wilson, Britain’s leading criminologist, who says: "Emeka Egbuonu's 'Consequences - Breaking the Negative Cycle' fills a criminological gap, and brings fresh insight into what we all should be doing in the wake of the English riots to help young people bridge the gap between school and a law-abiding adulthood. This inspiring book is a must read."

Emeka has worked with hundreds of young people in the London borough of Hackney, mainly in groups of between 10 and 15. From each group, he reckons that around eight will approach him afterwards wanting to learn more.

And, more impressively, almost all of those young people he has worked with constantly are now in college and looking at leading fulfilling lives.

Emeka identifies a range of factors in the underachievement of young black men including a slavish devotion to musicians or sports stars as role models, set against a lack of ambition in more achievable arenas.

He also points out the huge risk of being groomed for gangs at a vulnerable age when youngsters want instant financial gratification and they soon find that selling drugs is a way to get it.

Emeka said: "The book isn’t about pointing the finger – it’s about making people realise they can change their lives.

“Consequences discusses some very uncomfortable truths about the black community in an open manner. We need to talk about the lack of male role models in families and why tough prison sentences will not resolve the crime issues.

“Essentially the book revolves around the fact that we must work with various agencies, including the police, but that we – as a black community - need to do it on our terms and make the necessary changes from within our community."

To arrange an interview with Emeka, contact him at emeka02@hotmail.com.

Or, for more information, visit his website at: http://emekabnc.com.



About Emeka Egbuonu: Emeka is a community and anti-gang worker based at the Crib Youth Project (www.thecrib.org.uk) in Hackney. He came to east London from Nigeria aged seven and experienced gang violence growing up in Hackney, which inspired him to making improving life in his community. He has coached grassroots football team Gems FC and helped organise the Boroughs United talent contest since it began (showcasing the talents of Leona Lewis among others). In 2009, Emeka founded the Consequences programme of seminars, which equips young people with the confidence and skills to make good choices and avoid becoming involved in gangs or moving on if involved already.

Emeka was also on the frontline during last year's London riots persuading young people not to loot or get involved in criminal behaviour. He is also now a consultant for primary and secondary schools in London and is currently working with Newman Catholic College and Skinners Academy, helping set up programmes and delivering workshops that will motivate the students to become more ambitious and overcoming obstacles stopping them from reaching their full potential.

The book can be bought at Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Consequences-Breaking-negative-cycle-ebook/dp/B005SZ16FU/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpi_1

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