Your postcode shows how fit you are, says study

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2013 12:23 BST

A person’s fitness is linked to their postcode with southerners proven to be fitter than northerners, a study shows.

It showed the most active gym users live in south-east and south-west London, while the least active live in Newcastle and Liverpool.

The payasUgym survey, which looked at 8,000 gym members, showed that people living in the south of England visited their gym much more frequently than those living in the north.

There were only 0.65 per cent of active users in central Newcastle’s NE1, while there were 15.8 per cent in south east London’s SE1.

It was closely followed by south west London’s SW1 with 12.83 per cent and east London’s E1 with 10.84 per cent

The only northern city to make it into the top 10 fittest postcodes was Manchester, with M1 having 3.95 per cent of active gym users.

Newcastle had the lowest number of users, followed by Liverpool’s L1 with 0.68 per cent and Middlesbrough’s TS1 with 0.7 per cent.

The study is supported by research from Public Health England which showed people living in the north to have the highest rates of early death.

All the postcodes in the top 10 ‘unfittest’ list were ranked worst for premature deaths, showing a clear link between fitness participation and ill health.

Jamie Ward, Co-Founder of payasUgym, said: "Recent research has shown that 153,000 people die prematurely each year in England, of which 103,000 were classed as preventable.

“We’ve seen that a person’s socio-economic background plays a large part in life expectancy, and this is also highlighted by the low levels of fitness participation in these areas.

"The fact that people living in certain areas in the North of England are participating in gym activity so infrequently is really striking to see, and calls for action now. We call this ‘Fitenomics’, where people have been priced out of participating in health & fitness activities simply due to their financial situation.”

Top 10 Fittest Postcodes

1- SE1 South East London 15.80%

2- SW1 South West London 12.83%

3- E1 East London 10.84%

4- W2 West End London 8.28%

5- NW3 North West London 7.06%

6- N1 North London 5.13%

7- TW9 Twickenham 4.28%

8- M1 Manchester 3.95%

9- CM22 Chelmsford 2.06%

10- BN1 Brighton 2.05%

Top 10 unfittest postcodes

1- NE1 Newcastle 0.65%

2- L1 Liverpool 0.68%

3- NG1 Nottingham 0.69%

4- TS1 Middlesbrough 0.70%

5- CV1 Coventry 0.70%

6- DN1 Doncaster 0.73%

7- SG1 Stevenage 0.74%

8- SR2 Sunderland 0.82%

9- S1 Sheffield 0.88%

10- NN1 Northampton 0.91%

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