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Zero Budget, 12 Hours, Death Walks Aims For History Books

Press Release   •   Jul 13, 2013 16:08 BST

With just 2 days to go before a 12 hour shoot, new zero budget zombie horror movie Death Walks is already being watched carefully by the worlds media. 

The film will be shot in just 12 hours, with a cast and crew of 200 all giving their time for free, simply because of the passion of the project. But best of all the film will be shot in a shopping centre that features the likes of some of the UK's strongest retailers, Romford's The Mercury Mall. 

Despite being a zombie movie its creators are very much telling the world that this horror tale is very different from what people are expecting, offering a new zombie design, a change of movement, and a concept that the movies writer/director says will make viewers jaws drop. 

When Spencer Hawken organised the cast and crews first read through, he said he was expecting the worst, none of the cast having read a word, being recruited without even getting an understanding of the project. But when they started getting to the twists, Spencer said he was thrilled by the reaction which included an "Oh my God!", "Are you really going to do this?" and "That made the hairs on my neck stand up on end."

Death Walks is not a gorefest, it is something far more psychological, while it's story of zombies invading a shopping centre in the dead of night might be familiar, it's delivery, impact, and end results are something far different. 

The aim of Death Walks is more than just the creation of a movie, the producers want to prove to upcoming filmakers that you don't need cash to make a movie, just the right levels of persuasion, and a promise of something truly rewarding. It also wants to prove that with the right level of planning, shooting a movie does not have to steal weeks of it's cast and crews lives. 

While nobody yet can foresee the end result, Death Walks is destined to create waves for it's daring, creative tenacity, and it's story one so dark it's writer questions how people will react. 

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