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Zero Budget Horror Movie Goes Into Production... With A Lot Of Help

Press Release   •   Jun 11, 2013 16:11 BST

In recent years movies have become possible due to affordable equipment and websites such as kickstarter, meaning those who dreamed of making movies now can see their dreams become reality. Director Spencer Hawken has a new angle; he has turned to the community in order to create his zombie invasion movie, a movie with a budget of zero.

Spencer’s first challenge was a filming location, and Romford’s Mercury Shopping was only too pleased to volunteer the centre as a location. Once the location was in place, Spencer turned on the filmmaking community for help, and has already gathered a cast of over 250, as well as a film crew.“When you are given the gift of such a fantastic location, it’s only fair to carry out the work quickly, effectively, but capturing as much footage as you can,” says Spencer.

“Although we already have a team in place, there is always room for another film crew as we will be able to move quickly from one scene to another, ensuring that the project can be completed in a timely fashion.”

While a zero budget means that you are essentially going cap in hand to strangers and asking for help, the films makers feel that for those donating time, or products, will be a much more rewarding process.

Director Of Photography Marcus Uthup said “As soon as I received the shot list from Spencer I was aboard, some of the concept ideas were mind-blowing, money never even factored into my brain, I just had to be involved.”

Four years ago the movie Colin blew audiences away having been made for just £40, while the film was success it was clearly a budget movie.

“This movie will be shot at no cost, but look like a million pound project,” continues Spencer, “Each and every day I have people approaching me to be part of the project. Some companies have approached us to try out their new equipment, while people with a flair for capturing the perfect picture want to get aboard for the experience,  it’s all incredibly exciting, but a phenomenal challenge.”

Death Walks... Is being filmed during July with a plan to take the movie to the public in early 2014.

For further information, please contact Spencer Hawken, Project Director, on 07590976659(email ) or Kim Phillips, Messages PR on 01647 277588 (email