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Zircotec brings thermal management expertise to the GT-R Owners Club, offering exclusive member discounts via club website.

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2013 09:21 GMT

OXFORD –  Zircotec is pleased to announce an agreement with the GT-R Owners Club, enabling members to take advantage of exclusive discounts on its ceramic coatings. The  GT-R owners club is the only club in the world recognised by both Nissan Motor GB and Nissan Motor Europe.  Zircotec exhaust coatings will be offered via the GT-R Owners Club website, commencing November 2013.   Roger Burgess, Vice Chairman of the club, commented “The GTR Owners Club is delighted that Zircotec is working with us by not just sponsoring the club as a whole, but also extending fantastic discounts for the products to our members and lifetime members benefitting the whole GT-R community.”

The Nissan GT-R has long been associated with specialist tuning, with a large proportion of owners of this iconic model further improving their cars, to enhance both the aesthetic and performance appeal of models from earlier R32 variants, celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, right up to the current R35 GT-R.  The combination of turbocharged cars and the potential for high power outputs can create excessive heat being generated, that can be managed with the use of Zircotec’s specialist products.

Exhaust systems are often a high performance car owner’s first step to increasing their car’s performance.  To maximise overall power output, Zircotec ceramic coatings ensure that internal exhaust temperatures remain high, whilst lowering the surface temperatures and avoiding parts in close proximity suffering from heat damage. 

The coatings are also particularly effective on turbocharged cars, allowing internal exhaust gas temperatures to remain high, maximising operating efficiency and allowing the turbo to spool up quickly.

Zircotec’s specialist process involves plasma spraying the exhaust using a flame operating at up to 14,000°C which effectively welds the coating to the substrate.  Entire exhaust systems can be coated, or specific items such as manifolds or tail pipes can undergo the process separately.  With a choice of 14 colours available, the benefits are aesthetic as well as performance related.

A further product to be offered to club members is ZircoFlex®, an easy to fit ceramic heatshield material that can be fitted to areas susceptible to high temperatures, such as engine compartments.  Recently launched for a retail environment, the product is available in 290mm x 200mm and 290mm x 410mm, with retail prices ranging from just £17.00 to £45.00.

About Zircotec  

Zircotec www.zircotec.com offers a wide range of plasma sprayed ceramic and metallic coatings that protect components against the effects of heat, wear, abrasion and corrosion. Lightweight and easily packaged, Zircotec’s technologies can be applied to a broad range of different materials including metals and composites. Proven in F1 and the nuclear industry, the technology is now trusted by car manufacturers, industrial users, car enthusiasts and an increasing range of other applications to effectively manage heat and wear, enhancing performance and reliability. ZircoFlex® offers for the first time, a truly flexible ceramic heat shield material

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