New international flight between Luleå and Helsinki

Press releases   •   Mar 19, 2015 17:28 GMT

Abisko in Swedish Lapland - the world's most illuminating experience according to Lonely Planet!

Press releases   •   Oct 24, 2014 15:06 BST

Swedish Lapland hotel rated best Nordic Choice Hotel in the Nordic countries

Press releases   •   Oct 16, 2014 10:04 BST

Clarion Collection Hotel Arvidsjaur in Swedish Lapland has been rated as the top choice for both restaurant and hotel amongst Nordic Choice Hotels 173 hotels in the Nordic region. It’s the members in the company’s Nordic Choice Club that describe their satisfaction by grading their stay at the hotels.

Premiere charter day-trip from England to Pajala in Swedish Lapland

Press releases   •   Nov 25, 2013 08:50 GMT

For the first time ever, English families have the opportunity too get a charter daytrip to the winter wonderland of Pajala in Swedish Lapland. Five departures from five different cities – but hurry up if you want to come, the 900 seats are almost already fully booked.

New direct flight London-Skellefteå, Swedish Lapland

Press releases   •   Nov 21, 2013 17:31 GMT

Among Ryanairs new destinations for 2014, only one is in Scandinavia and it takes passengers direct from London, Stansted, to Skellefteå Airport in Swedish Lapland. The first flight is scheduled to March 30 2014. 

A direct link between London and Skellefteå creates new opportunities for British visitors to explore Swedish Lapland.

Market research show that there is a growing demand and interest in the experiences offered in Swedish Lapland including outdoors activities in magnificent scenery.

– We are very excited that now even more Brits have the opportunity to explore a new destination that offers nature-based activities in a unique arctic environment. We have beautiful summers here and there is plenty to explore in Swedish Lapland from the coast to the mountains including hiking, Sámi-culture and the midnight sun, says Anders Hellgren, CEO Destination Skellefteå.

– Skellefteå has become an important gateway to Sweden’s Northernmost Destination, and with this new direct flight we welcome more visitors from Britain that we hope will have a great stay here, says the CEO of Skellefteå Airport Robert Lindberg.

The flights from London (Stansted) starts spring 2014 and are available on Thursdays and Sundays.

More information, please contact:

Anders Hellgren, CEO Destination Skellefteå
+46 70-584 18 81

Robert Lindberg, CEO Skellefteå Airport
+46 70-551 70 75

Swedish Lapland Tourism is an organisation with 500 medlemmar in northern Sweden. We promote and coordinate marketing activities to attract visitors from the world to come and experience our fabolous nature with the Northen Lights in the winter, the Midnight sun in the summer, the mountains, the unexploited rivers, the archipelago and much, much more. A part of the financing is from the EU funds for the period 2011-2013.

Among Ryanairs new destinations for 2014, only one is in Scandinavia and it takes passengers direct from London, Stansted, to Skellefteå Airport in Swedish Lapland. The first flight is scheduled to March 30 2014.

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The crystal clear ice of Torne River visits EIBTM in Barcelona.

Press releases   •   Nov 18, 2013 15:43 GMT

Every year, the ICEHOTEL is built by frozen water from one of Europe’s clearest rivers; Torne River in Swedish Lapland. This year – a part of this pure experience is shared with the visitors at EIBTM as the cocktails at the Northern Event are served up in glass made of this very ice.

Oprah has said the Treehotel is a place ”you need to visit”. Now Oprah has her own personal invitation to visit the spectacular and friendly hotel in Swedish Lapland.

Press releases   •   Sep 25, 2013 09:19 BST

An official world record attempt during the Jokkmokk Winter Market

Press releases   •   Jan 29, 2013 08:07 GMT

The first world record attempt of its kind ever – during the Jokkmokk Winter Market the village of Vuollerim takes on the challenge of making the world's largest display of ice lanterns. The story of the Village of Thousand Ice Lanterns will show how a small village in the inland of Swedish Lapland, through teamwork, can achieve something that touches and engage both visitors and the villagers.

Destination Swedish Lapland had an increase with 14% in December 2011

Press releases   •   Feb 07, 2012 18:52 GMT

The preliminary tourist statistics for the year 2011 in Sweden has been presented. The destination Swedish Lapland shows an increase with 17% in December and a total increase of 6% for the whole year. All markets, except The Netherlands, increased during 2011 and the increase from Great Britain was high with +8%.

Ice Lantern Festival in Swedish Lapland

Press releases   •   Jan 24, 2012 16:52 GMT

The lights of thousands ice lanterns will soon shine through the Vuollerim area in Swedish Lapland. The village has put some extra effort in the annual Winter Market, with a full program for the week. This year’s news:, house-jumping dinner in the locals’ homes and a lecture with Gert Palmcrantz, legendary sound producer who has worked with many celebrities in the jazz elite.

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