Steak research shows consistency is key to boosting sales

Press Releases   •   Jun 10, 2016 16:17 BST

More than three quarters of consumers have been put off buying steak after a bad experience with a tough cut – with one third of those saying they waited at least a month before buying one again. Inconsistency is the biggest barrier to those who don’t buy as regularly and it is costing the industry millions in lost revenue each year. The research is revealed in AHDB Beef & Lamb’s latest report.


Staff at James Martin’s restaurant develop specialist meat knowledge

Press Releases   •   May 03, 2016 16:15 BST

James Martin’s Manchester restaurant has become the first in the North West to train staff in meat knowledge and quality.


Third Meat Business Women event set to help females reach their peak

Press Releases   •   Apr 07, 2016 16:34 BST

The third networking event for women working in the UK meat industry will take place at Ironmonger’s Hall in London on May 25.


BLOG: ‘Meating’ the need for convenience

Blog posts   •   Mar 22, 2016 10:20 GMT

Matt Southam of AHDB Beef & Lamb highlights the growing importance of convenience as a key motivator of product choice for consumers


BLOG: Meat Education Programme welcomed by industry with open arms

Blog posts   •   Mar 04, 2016 09:41 GMT

Here Dick van Leeuwen, AHDB Beef & Lamb business development manager and project leader of the Meat Education Programme, highlights some of the major achievements of the project to date.


Red meat role in healthy diet underlined by AHDB Beef & Lamb

Press Releases   •   Feb 19, 2016 09:31 GMT

The majority of consumers feel they eat the right amount of red meat and do not need to cut back, according to consumer research commissioned by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).


BLOG: Raising the bar of quality for beef and lamb

Blog posts   •   Jan 11, 2016 15:00 GMT

Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing for AHDB Beef & Lamb, underlines the importance of robust quality assurance schemes to the long-term health of the red meat sector.


New Meat Education Programme Launched

Press Releases   •   Jan 08, 2016 15:04 GMT

AHDB Beef & Lamb has unveiled the hugely anticipated Meat Education Programme, an accessible and free-to-use educational resource for the whole of the meat industry.


BLOG: Helping Consumers Discover Lamb

Blog posts   •   Nov 23, 2015 16:44 GMT

Consumers say that lamb is the tastiest of all meats. Presenting them with the right cut for their needs and providing inspiration on how to cook with those cuts is the key to encouraging increased lamb consumption, says Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing for AHDB Beef & Lamb.


Beef and lamb mini-roasts hit the small screen

Press Releases   •   Nov 05, 2015 10:00 GMT

Beef and Lamb advertising has this week returned to TV screens in the UK. AHDB Beef & Lamb’s successful ‘Midweek Mini Roast’ television advertising campaign is back to promote Quality Standard Mark (QSM) and Red Tractor beef and lamb mini roasts.

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Adding value and improving efficiency in the beef and lamb supply chains.

AHDB Beef & Lamb is the organisation for beef and lamb levy payers in England and is a division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). AHDB Beef and Lamb helps the English beef and lamb industry to boost its competitiveness and promotes quality.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb Trade Marketing team supports businesses throughout the retail and foodservice supply chains for beef and lamb. From abattoirs and processors to wholesalers, independent and multiple retailers and foodservice operators, we work with businesses to help improve their operational effectiveness and assist with beef and lamb product development, marketing and promotion.

There are two main ways in which we seek to add value. Firstly through stimulating a profitable demand for quality beef and lamb - which often entails effective product development, recipe innovation and critical operational effectiveness in particular areas as well as marketing and promoting quality beef and lamb generally across all retail and foodservice sectors.

Secondly, much of our effort is directed at bringing together various parts of the food chain to ensure the retail and foodservice sectors benefit from having efficient and sustainable supply chains. Often, this work begins right at the farm level, progresses through processors and suppliers and involves working closely with both independent and multiple retailers as well as chefs and caterers.

At the heart of our work is the Quality Standard Mark, which aims to deliver improved quality and consistency of beef and lamb and ensure their tenderness and succulence.

AHDB Beef & Lamb also works with Red Tractor Assurance in promoting the Red Tractor scheme and its logo.


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