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Analysing Intelligence through ‘Sound Skills’

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2017 11:28 GMT

'Sound Skills' - the Royal Air Force's latest online challenge is now live via

It is no secret that in an ever changing environment the UK’s intelligence and security agencies require more personnel than ever before.

Just last September the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) announced that it alone plans to recruit a further 1,000 staff by 2020 in response to the increasing importance of the internet and technology.

Away from the intelligence and security agencies, the Royal Air Force continues its own recruitment drive which offers intelligence roles that come packed with a variety of exciting benefits.

And now the RAF has developed a way for budding analysts to get online and find out if they have the skills required by the Service to apply for one of its intelligence roles.

Introducing ‘Sound Skills’

‘Sound Skills’ is a state-of-the-art online game which allows users to find out if they have the skills required to become an RAF Intelligence Analyst (Linguist).

The brand new game lives on the RAF Recruitment website and asks users to listen to five different pre-recorded scenarios set to the backdrop of popular settings or scenarios, such as a music festival, a conversation in a bar, the lyrics to a song and commentary from a football match. There are five rounds in total and after each you are asked a question relating to what you had just heard.

The scenarios, which use binaural sound, have been carefully designed to test whether users have the skills required to excel in the analyst role, with each becoming increasingly difficult as the quiz goes on. But beware – the clips are tough, with plenty going on in the background, so you may need a quiet room or pair of headphones to tackle each one.

At the end of the quiz, those who are successful are taken through to find out more about what life is like for an Intelligence Analyst (Linguist) in a modern day Royal Air Force, with those who missed out given the opportunity to try again.

Speaking about the need for more Intelligence Analysts in the RAF, Head of Recruit Marketing Rebekah Selman said: “Too many people rule themselves out of this crucial role. We needed to find an innovative way to recruit the next cohort of Intelligence Analysts and ‘Sound Skills’ offers the perfect opportunity for those interested to take that first step.”

What do Linguists do in the RAF?

The RAF relies heavily on defence intelligence to support operations in both peace and war time. Linguists play an integral role in this and are responsible for:

  • Collecting, collating and evaluating intelligence from multiple sources
  • Gathering valuable information about enemies’ strengths, weaknesses and movements
  • Disseminating tailored Intelligence to commanders, aircrew or troops on the ground

Corporal Leanne Machin – My Life as an Intelligence Analyst (Linguist)

‘I was never keen on a nine-to-five job and I like knowing that what I do really matters which is why I joined the RAF. Because of my language skill I joined as an Intelligence Analyst and was deployed overseas during operations.

‘My role was to screen radio communications and highlight anything that was of intelligence interest. Being on operation was an amazing experience – we all slept in tents and lived out of our kit bags. I like that I constantly develop my skills and that after initial training, we go back quite frequently for further language study.’

You can find out more about the linguist job and test your skills on the brand new ‘Sound Skills’ game by searching ‘RAF Sound Skills’ and accessing the RAF Recruitment Intelligence Analyst (Linguist) link or by visiting

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is one of the world’s most advanced military forces, offering exciting opportunities to the right people.

If you’re looking for a responsible job that’s challenging and rewarding, the RAF has a career for you. To fulfil the roles, we require highly-trained people throughout our organisation.

There are currently more than 50 careers to choose from in a range of different trades.

Whether in the skies above Britain, or airspace around the world, it is the RAF’s job to protect the UK against any form of threat.

There really is something for everyone to be part of the RAF's story.

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