Recharge4040: Matt Hendrickson Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 09, 2014 16:10 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta


Recharge4040: Theo Botha, Blade Dynamics Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 09, 2014 16:09 BST

By Ben Backwell


Recharge4040: Craig Cornelius, NRG Energy Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 09, 2014 16:07 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta


Recharge4040: Billy Parish, Mosaic Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 08, 2014 13:06 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta


Recharge4040: Robyn Beavers Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 08, 2014 10:56 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta


Recharge4040: Paul Dickson Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 08, 2014 08:39 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta


Recharge4040: Johan Sandberg Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 04, 2014 14:45 BST

By Ben Backwell


Recharge4040: Neha Palmer Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 04, 2014 10:45 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta


Recharge4040 | Making Wind for Prosperity a reality

Blog posts   •   Jul 04, 2014 09:24 BST

By Morten Albæk


Recharge4040: Jigar Shah Interview

Blog posts   •   Jul 03, 2014 13:50 BST

By Karl-Erik Stromsta

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About Recharge 40 | 40

40 | 40

Recharge 4040 is bringing together 40 leading young professionals in the renewables industry who are helping to change the world’s energy matrix and put it on a sustainable basis.

In compiling the list, Recharge magazine, the leading publication for the global renewable energy business, will accept submissions and nominations (online or via Twitter or email) from individuals or companies proud to have the best people working for them.

This is a chance for the selected individuals from your company, organisation or peer group to gain recognition, engage with peers from globally diverse backgrounds, activities and competencies and take part in take part in a networking event in a unique location.

Nominations close 1st of May and the successful nominees will be invited to the “40 under 40” summit in September. Nominees need to be aged 40 or under at the end of 2014. They can be involved in any activity involving new-energy development, distribution, generation or distribution technology, finance, marketing, social activism, community development or policy making.


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