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Profession Secrets founder Niklas Wakeus says if more people knew how to cook and enjoy food like Scandinavian chefs, everyday life on our planet would be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable

Press release -

Professional Secrets Reveals The Secrets Of Scandinavian cooking

World-leading foodie site Professional Secrets will be revealing the secrets behind Sweden's acclaimed cooking traditions at the Ambiente consumer goods show in Frankfurt, Germany, from February 7 - 11. 

From the pot on the kitchen stove to the inviting atmosphere of the dinner table, all products from Professional Secrets being showcased at Ambiente on booth F78 in hall 3 have been perfected by outstanding chefs in collaboration with top designers.

Revolutionary foodies

The self-proclaimed foodies behind the Swedish company want to do more than just provide passionate home cooks with chef-grade cooking tools and dining accessories. They want to revolutionize how the world cooks and enjoys food, according to founder and CEO Niklas Wakeus:

“If more people knew how to cook and enjoy food like Scandinavian chefs, everyday life on our planet would be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable," Niklas said.

Unique cooking heritage

According to Professional Secrets, the cold Nordic climate, outstanding ingredients, and a tradition of excellence through simplicity have given rise to a unique Scandinavian approach to producing healthier cuisine. By spreading knowledge, tips and tools from the kitchen pros the world can be made a better place, one meal at a time.

See the light at Ambiente, Messe Frankfurt

For the third year running, from February 7 to 11, Professional Secrets will be cooking up a storm at Ambiente, Messe Frankfurt, booth F78 in hall 3. Apart from titillating the taste buds of the masses, the company will be demonstrating its award-winning kitchen thermometer and launching new, exclusive products.

What is Professional Secrets?

With the help of a network of chefs the Professional Secrets has created what is probably Europe’s biggest cooking and inspiration database. If not already familiar with our foodie background, our chef-grade products for passionate home cooks, and our cooking database for foodies, please visit

For more info, please contact:

Niklas Wakeus, Foodie and founder of Professional Secrets

The Professional Secrets award-winning kitchen thermometer



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