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Rosenthal - Enjoy your life Sets

News   •   Feb 10, 2017 08:08 GMT

Rosenthal Enjoy your life truffle set.

Rosenthal Sets „Enjoy your life“

An enjoyable life, cooking, preparing and eating with friends and family - the name says it all with the “Enjoy your life” gift sets. Individual product combinations from the Rosenthal and Sambonet brands unite, creating extraordinary sets for connoisseurs that will make any gourmet happy, as a souvenir, exclusive birthday present or a present for yourself.

Set 4 pcs. consisting of two Double old-fashioned / 325 ml »Vero« glasses, one insulated ice bucket Ø 12 cm »Sphera« and one tongs 16,5 cm »Bar 13«.

Set 3 pcs. consisting of one platter 18 cm »TAC RORO bianco II«, one design pig »RORO« small 9 x 6 cm »Gold titanium« and one truffle-slicer 17 x 8,5 cm »Elite« by Sambonet.

BBQ deluxe
Set 5 pcs. consisting of two platters 30 x 30 cm with two segments and a salt/oil dish 14,5 cm, both from the collection »Nendoo Weiß«, and two steak knifes 25,6 cm »T-Bone Knives« by Sambonet.

Set 3 pcs. consisting of one bowl 26 cm »Junto Weiß«, one serving fork 29,5 cm »Living« and a serving spoon 30 cm »Living« by Sambonet.

Set 4 pcs. consisting of two dishes 10 x 7 cm »Mesh Weiß«, one cutting board 46 x 17 cm »Linear« and a cheese knife 4 pcs. »Living« by Sambonet.

Ice Cream
Set 13 pcs. consisting of six bowls 12 cm »Junto Weiß« and one ice cream scoop 7 pcs. »Living« by Sambonet.

Set 6 pcs. consisting of two platter on foot 14 cm »Nendoo Weiß«, one bevelled spatula 20 cm »Gadgets Red«, three Chocolate molds, 15 cubes, rose »Molds Red«, heart »Molds Red«, ellips »Molds Red« by Sambonet.

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