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Rosenthal - Junto and Sambonet "Taste your life"

News   •   Feb 10, 2017 08:10 GMT

Perfect match: Junto and Sambonet.

Trendy food stories with Junto and Sambonet

How and what we eat reveals a lot about our character. The new Rosenthal shape Junto fascinates with a fine relief, it organic form and a subtle mix of porcelain, stoneware and wooden accessoiries. Available from May, the collection not only decorates the table with a playful, handmade look, but also embodies four of the latest and hottest food trends as well as the Sambonet brand’s diverse range of combination options.

This has inspired a number of product displays featuring the Junto range alongside a variety of contemporary serving accessories, stylish cookware and practical stainless steel utensils by Sambonet. The Sambonet collection with its various features is in perfect keeping with the modern lifestyle and spontaneously gives customers what they really need in a modern-day kitchen – from attractive saucepans and compact mini cocottes right through to the design icon Fish Kettle, designed by Roberto Sambonet.

Green food

This trend is centred on vegetables and herbs, salads and seeds in all their different varieties. Vegetables like cabbage, spinach and artichokes are a rich source of vitamins and phytochemicals that keep our bodies healthy. The perfect accompaniment for light cuisine: Junto in white, exquisite pearl grey and slate grey, pans from the 1965 Vintage collection, the Terra.Cotto range of cast iron casserole dishes for ultra-low-fat food preparation, a spiral cutter for finely cut vegetable spaghetti, wooden chopping boards, tomato and potato peelers and much, much more from Sambonet.

Soul food

Dishes that speak to the soul, remind us of far-away cultures and give us a warm, fuzzy feeling in our bellies – this trend based around Asian and oriental cuisine has a simple, feel-good factor, featuring sophisticated pasta dishes, traditional recipes and exotic spices. The ideal fit: the Junto crockery range in white, ocean blue and slate grey, woks from the 1965 Vintage collection, bamboo steamers, Marco Polo chopsticks, skimming ladles and an oriental set of knives with wooden handles by Sambonet.

Sea food

Mussels, fish, oysters or seaweed: this trend revolves around the fresh delicacies of the ocean and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This food is presented in the best light when served on Junto crockery in white and exquisite ocean blue, combined with bronze, as featured on the iconic Fish Kettle by Sambonet or the large-scale fish platters crafted from porcelain and stainless steel. Food preparation makes use of Sambonet’s range of oyster knives, fish scalers and fish lifters, fish pots and platters, which come complete with a wooden mat.

Fire food

A proper fire, good-quality meat and subtle roasted aromas – this is all you need to dine like a king with food that is quick to prepare. Well, I suppose a few nifty kitchen utensils would come in handy to ensure nothing goes wrong with the preparation: griddle pans from the Sambonet Terra.Cotto collection, oven gloves, wooden chopping boards, extraordinary porterhouse steak knives, meat forks and knives to prepare the meat and a modern carving set – and to round it all off, Junto crockery in white, pearl grey or bronze.

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