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CSR in Sony Europe

Press Release   •   Jul 28, 2009 10:53 BST

As a global company Sony recognises and embraces its responsibilities to future generations. 

In Sony Europe, we are passionate about the potential of the transformative power of technology. Combined with our unique resources and indomitable spirit we can drive reconnection to the world we live in and enable us to act as a catalyst of change.

Our scope for activity is as broad as employees’ passions and creativity – whether it be local and global community work; reducing our impact on the environment or encouraging wider sustainability initiatives. We will focus on those areas where we can make the greatest difference through the use of our technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility for Sony Europe broadly incorporates four areas: Employees, Community, Environment and Product Responsibility.

Sony Employees

Employees are central to Sony Europe’s business and we recognise the importance of diversity, development, communication and having an optimal working environment.

We ensure we are listening to employees by conducting an employee wide survey every two years and use that information to improve the working environment. (do we have any examples?) We also encourage personal development through our ‘WorkSmart’ programme (attended by over 1,800 employees since 2006) that includes helping employees be more productive and healthy.


Sony Europe recognises the responsibilities of being an international company and encourages all sites and employees to play an active role in their community.

A few examples of the programmes and projects in place across Europe are:

Someone Needs You  - A global in-house programme designed to enhance the relationship between a Sony site and its local community. This year, several sites contributed to their local community through projects like; refurbishing a children’s playground; working with Handicap International to promote sport as a way of building solidarity and integration; and taking part in a running event in order to raise money for a local children’s hospital.

Matching Gifts programme – This aims to encourage individual

generosity and charitable activities amongst staff members. In this programme, when an employee makes a donation to an eligible charity or cultural initiative, their respective company will donate an equal amount.

The Sony Europa Foundation -  Established in 1995 as a non-profit organisation. The foundation works on a Pan-European basis to support charitable and cultural initiatives concerned with education, health and welfare, people in need, and art and culture.

Product responsibility

Quality and compliance is at the heart of everything Sony. Technical and quality requirements are set for all Sony products to ensure customers receive high-quality, reliable products, which they can use with confidence.

Since January 2004 Sony has only procured from approved Sony Green Partners. Under the programme auditors regularly visit members of Sony’s supply chain to check their environmental management activities and closely monitor the use of chemical substances in Sony products.


We are constantly rethinking and re-evaluating our products, processes and our potential impact on the planet – there is no one single solution to reducing our environmental footprint. We apply ‘eco-thinking’ throughout the entire value chain of our business; from sourcing raw materials to delivering products to our customers

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