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Facts and Figures

Press Release   •   Jul 28, 2009 10:46 BST

Worldwide Workforce total: approx. 180,500 (as of March 31, 2008).

Global consolidated sales by business segment

FY07 ended March 31, 2008


Electronics                    66.86%

Game                           13.74%

Pictures                        9.64%

Financial Services          6.24%

Others                          3.52%

TOTAL                          100%


Chart 2:


Global group consolidated sales by region

FY07 ended March 31, 2008


Japan                            23.18%

United States                25.05%

Europe                          26.24%

Other Areas                   25.53%


Sony Locations and Manufacturing sites in Europe


Sony Manufacturing in Europe


By following a policy of ‘global localisation’,

Sony has been able to meet local needs with local operations using tried-and-trusted global concepts and technologies.


This policy has proven to be as successful in manufacturing as it has in sales and marketing with the construction of advanced facilities enabling Sony to get closer to individual markets and customers. In Europe, a continent of diverse cultures, this is an important factor behind the success of Sony as a brand. Localised production has allowed Sony to listen to the needs of its customers and react faster to individual market requirements.

Sony first established a manufacturing facility in Europe in 1974 with a production plant in Bridgend, Wales. Since then, an increasing number of facilities have been set up including the UK Technology Centre at Pencoed in Wales and the Barcelona Technology Centre in Spain. In 1996, Sony opened its first Eastern European manufacturing facility in Trnava, Slovak Republic and will strengthen its operations in this area in 2007 with a new LCD TV manufacturing plant in Nitra.


UK technology Centre

Pencoed Technology Park
Pencoed, Wales CF35 5HZ
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1656 860666
Established in June 1992, the Pencoed Technology Centre is both a manufacturing plant and customer service facility. The core business at the site is the manufacture and distribution of broadcast and professional cameras and camera systems and more recently the production of latest High Definition televisions. Pencoed also produces digital circuit boards for the Bravia LCD range of LCD TVs and exports these to other Sony plants across Europe. Recent developments include a Customer Service Centre for the repair of faulty products. The majority of the production is built for export and the plant has received the prestigious Queen's Award for Export Achievement on four occasions.


Barcelona Technology Centre

Polígono Industrial Can Mitjans
08232 Viladecavalls, Barcelona
Phone: +34 (0)9370 08200
Established in 1991 following several decades of production in Spain, the current facility at Viladecavalls produces Flat Panel TV, LCD Projectors and TAV (Television Audio Video) products. The plant is mainly responsible for the production of widescreen TVs, LCD rear projectors, satellite tuners, BRAVIA LCD televsions and SXRD technology.


Alsace Technology centre

Alsace Centre de Technologies
Zone d’activités du Muelbach
BP 800 75
68153 Ribeauvillé Cedex
Phone: +33 (0)3 89 73 40 00
Established in September 1986, the Alsace Technology Centre is a 180,000m² facility producing in-car equipment and mobile phones. The plant has also produced video recorders, camcorders, CD players and tuners, VAIO PCs and satellite set top boxes in the past. It also handles customer service for a range of products.


East Europe Technology Centre

Trstinska cesta 8
91758 Trnava
Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 33 5904 101
Established in 1996, this facility produces LCD televisions in a range of screen sizes from 15“ to 32“ and tuners. It also handles servicing for TV sets and PlayStation consoles.


East Europe Technology Centre - Gödöllő

Dózsa György út 73.
2100, Gödöllő
Phone: +36 28 528 100
Mass production began at this plant in January 1997 and has included the manufacturing of batteries, displays, DAV systems, speakers and Micro Hi-Fi systems. The facility began making DVD recorders in 2001 and now focuses on producing single and HDD DVD recorders for the European market.


Sony DADC Austria AG

Plant 1
Plant 2
Phone: +43 (0)6246 8800
Established in August 1986, this important facility produces a large range of pre-recorded media including CD-Audio, CD-Rom, DVD, PlayStation Discs and Universal Media Disc (UMD) for PlayStation Portable. It also manufactures recordable CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and MiniDisc media. In 2000, a Virtual Factory was founded at the plant responsible for copy control solutions, DAMS Distribution and supply chain services.


Nitra (Slovak Republic).


Research & Development and Design & Development Sites in Europe

·                     Brussels, Belgium

·                     Alsace, France

·                     Paris, France

·                     Stuttgart, Germany

·                     Barcelona, Spain

·                     Basingstoke, UK

·                     Pencoed, UK