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New home entertainment line-up from Sony redefines the Living Room experience

Press Release   •   Jan 07, 2010 00:30 GMT

- Unique Monolithic Design of home entertainment products has aesthetic appeal with a beautiful, simplified and minimalist style

- Built-in Freeview HD tuner for easy access to subscription-free digital TV channels

- BRAVIA Internet Video gives access to ‘catch-up’ TV and Internet services to open up a whole new world of entertainment possibilities

- Seamless balance of design and technology creates an immersive cinematic 3D world

Give the room a unique design presence

The new 2010 home entertainment range from Sony will redefine how you view, receive and enjoy entertainment forever, placing your Living Room at the heart of the home entertainment experience.

Central to this concept, which extends across the 2010 line-up of BRAVIA® TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ Players and Home Cinema systems, is the Monolithic Design.

Monolithic Design uses beautiful surfaces, high-quality materials and a minimalistic, functional style to transform your living space. Everything is geared towards a unique entertainment experience – from the ultimate performance when everything is switched on, to the beautiful design which complements your Living Room when it’s turned off. 

Every detail has been carefully considered; Monolithic TVs and speakers even recline at 6° to deliver the ideal viewing environment from contemporary, low furniture and add a sense of space to your room.

Enjoy free-to-air HD with Freeview and Sony

The Living Room revolution from Sony offers endless entertainment possibilities. There are built-in tuners for easy access to subscription-free digital TV channels on Freeview so there is no need for a separate set-top box. 75% of the 2010 BRAVIA range will come complete with Freeview HD built-in giving viewers access to a range of HD programmes including the FIFA™ World Cup in brilliant High Definition. Christian Brown, Senior Category Marketing Manager, Sony United Kingdom Ltd says “Sony is leading the way in this field, being the first to market televisions complete with the integrated Freeview HD tuner. Not only will this further simplify the home entertainment experience for consumers, it will allow them to watch all their favourite programmes in brilliantly clear high-definition detail.”

Explore a whole new world of entertainment

The new home entertainment range from Sony makes it easy for you to access an ever-growing variety of online content and digital services.

BRAVIA Internet Video lets you watch the programmes you missed on popular ‘catch-up’ TV services. Catch-up TV is one of the UKs fastest growing trends - it means you can forget the family arguments over the remote control and enjoy full-screen re-runs of your favourite TV shows at times that suit you. Beginning in early 2010 with ‘Demand Five’™, viewers will be able to access whole episodes of their favourite series’ from Five.

Sony is also proud to announce its partnership with LOVEFiLM® in delivering both video on demand and the ability to access your rental queue from the comfort of your armchair. There's also a whole world of entertainment to explore from YouTube™ and many more. There's no need to hook up your PC or watch on a cramped screen; you can quickly access new videos and services as they're added and stream full-screen content direct to your TV.

Other online services include handy on-screen widgets which you can download to get real-time updates from websites such as Twitter™, Flickr™, Facebook™ and many more. Your online world of content and services will keep expanding so there will always be plenty more entertainment to discover and enjoy.

The 2010 line-up also features built-in Wi-Fi which makes it easier to enjoy online content at home with less clutter. Simply connect your TV or Blu-ray Disc Player to the Internet and browse, bookmark or play content using the XrossMediaBar™ (XMB™) menu and just one remote control.

Discover a whole new viewing dimension

Home entertainment has now moved into a whole new dimension with the introduction of Full HD 3D. You can forget about the blurry, coloured pictures and cut-out cardboard glasses of days gone by: the 3D world created by Sony uses an advanced new picture technology. Sony is also delighted to confirm that in order to ensure the viewing experience is as enjoyable and hassle-free for the consumer as possible, this technology will of course be compatible with any upcoming 3D TV services or content broadcast by both Sky and Virgin Media. 

Put on the hi-tech Active Shutter glasses, switch on your surround sound system and you’ll be transported into an amazing world of life-like Full HD 3D action which has to be experienced to be truly believed. It’s just one of the innovations from Sony which brings revolutionary entertainment straight to your home.

With a unique Monolithic Design style, access to a world of online content and new 3D experience in Full HD through integrated Freeview tuners, 2010 promises to be a momentous year in your Living Room.

The range will be available in the UK late February 2010.