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Press Release   •   Jul 28, 2009 10:56 BST

What is RSS?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication'. It is new technique for having pages from websites appear automatically on your desktop. Unlike a web page, which you have to go visit, the news comes to you. Like email? Well, yes although the big difference is that you decide which websites you want to receive information from. In that respect it's permission-based which can offer a good antidote to spam email.

Websites that support RSS usually show the RSS icon

In order to get an RSS feed from a website that displays this icon, you will need what's called an 'RSS Reader'.

What's an RSS Reader?

An RSS reader is what you need to get RSS feeds. There are lots of free ones out there (see links below). In addition, the big names are starting to provide them. For example, Apple's new Tiger operating system has integrated RSS support and Microsoft's next version of Windows (codenamed Longhorn) is going to have it too.

Newz Crawler



How do I get started?

Pick an RSS reader. Then go to a site you want to follow (which supports RSS) and click on the orange RSS icon (shown above). You'll then see a load of code (called XML). Don't be put off - this is normal!

Depending on the RSS reader you have, there are various ways to add the feed, such as by dragging the URL of the RSS feed into your reader, or copying and pasting it. For more details, follow the instructions on the reader's website.

Sony UK RSS feeds - for information on Sony UK you can sign up to the following feeds.
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