Radha Stirling comments on the escalation of belligerent behaviour of the UAE

Press Releases   •   Dec 06, 2018 18:58 GMT

​Radha Stirling comments on the escalation of belligerent behaviour of the UAE Upon her return from Washington D.C., having met with policy makers, academics, journalists and human rights organisations; Radha Stirling reflects on the current trajectory of the UAE’s relations with the international community: The killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Expanding Indo-UAE ties unsettling in light of Latifa incident

Press Releases   •   Dec 04, 2018 19:05 GMT

Analysis Summary: Indo-UAE ties to expand Emirates’ sphere of influence a troubling development, given UAE’s record of human rights abuse and disregard for the rule of law; reveals short term thinking of Modi govt

​BBC2 documentary to expose UAE’s enforced disappearance of Dubai princess

Press Releases   •   Dec 04, 2018 14:54 GMT

On Thursday, December 6 BBC2 will air Escape from Dubai: the Mystery of the Missing Princess, reporting to a global audience the story of Sheikha Latifa al Maktoum, daughter of the Ruler of Dubai, who fled the UAE after allegedly years of abuse, only to be recaptured in a violent raid at sea; calling into question the image of the Emirates as a modern, liberal country

Power of UAE passport illustrates global silence over human rights abuses, crimes

Press Releases   •   Dec 03, 2018 12:22 GMT

UAE passport today is the strongest in the world, reflecting a degree of global influence linked to SWF investments, tantamount to hush money to silence critics

Latifa case a turning point for UAE; US concern growing

Press Releases   •   Nov 30, 2018 15:40 GMT

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai discusses her attendance of US policy conference in Washington D.C. and discussions with policy makers

Frontiers of Freedom Conference in Washington today - Saudi Arabia & UAE: Regional Adventures & US Interests

Press Releases   •   Nov 30, 2018 07:44 GMT

Detained in Dubai founder and CEO, Radha Stirling, leading international expert on Human Rights and legal abuses in the UAE, will be speaking in Washington D.C. at the Frontiers of Freedom conference entitled, “Saudi Arabia & UAE: Regional Adventures & US Interests”. Other speakers at the event include Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Gerry Connolly, and the foundation’s president, George Landrith

Detention of Bahraini refugee in Thailand highlights Gulf state Interpol abuse

Press Releases   •   Nov 29, 2018 16:42 GMT

Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling released the following statement on the detention and potential extradition of Bahraini national Hakeem Ali Mohamed Ali AlAraib:

"Hakeem Ali Mohamed Ali AlAraib was granted political asylum in Australia last year following a thorough investigation into his claims of political persecution in his home country of Bahrain; yet today Mr AlAraib is being detained in Thailand because Bahrain is seeking his extradition. This politically motivated request should have been immediately refused by Interpol; Mr Alaraib has already suffered torture at the hands of Bahraini authorities in 2012, and there is no question that he would face similar, or worse treatment if Thailand cedes to the extradition request. We urge the Australian government to urgently intervene on Mr AlAraib’s behalf and secure his release.

This case serves to highlight what has become habitual abuse of the Interpol system by Gulf countries; and more broadly, it reveals severe systemic flaws in the way Interpol operates. Both Qatar and the UAE have repeatedly misused the international policing organisation as an instrument for debt collection, though private financial disputes fall well beyond Interpol’s mandate.

Red Notices are issued upon request, apparently without the slightest examination into the validity of the rationales for those requests. Red Notices can be challenged, and their removal can be sought through official channels; but this can be an expensive and lengthy process, during which individuals are forced to cope with the often devastating ramifications of an Interpol listing. They may find themselves wrongfully detained and subjected to extradition proceedings, as in the case of Mr AlAraib.

The lack of due diligence and transparency in the Interpol system is extremely problematic. One cannot help but question the correlation between the UAE’s persistent and unchecked abuse of Interpol and the fact that the UAE contributed around $54 million to Interpol in 2017; more than every other contributor combined. When the organisation’s highest donor is also the most prolific abuser of the system, without a transparent evaluation of Interpol’s processes, it can only appear to outside observers that Interpol provides unquestioning service to the highest bidder.

We have dealt with innumerable cases of individuals wrongly reported to Interpol by the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and now Bahrain. We are currently representing two British clients; one facing extradition to the UAE over a single bounced cheque of an insignificant amount; the other being sought by Qatar over a similar issue.

While it may seem that bounced cheque or debt cases are less egregious examples of the Gulf states’ misuse of Interpol than the situation of Mr AlAraib, it should be remembered that at this moment Australian Joseph Sarlak and Briton Jonathan Nash are serving life sentences in a Doha prison for returned cheques. The same fate could easily await anyone else handed over to the custody of Qatar, the UAE, or other Gulf nations through extradition.

Thailand should release Mr AlAraib immediately and dismiss the extradition request, and of course, Interpol should remove the Red Notice against him. It is inconceivable that any government could consider extraditing someone to a country where he has already been tortured, and from which he has There is simply no question as to what Mr AlAraib will face if he is extradited to Bahrain, and Australian officials need to ensure that the asylum they granted him is respected, and push Thai authorities to send him home to Australia."

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Extradition request by Bahrain against refugee who fled torture and political persecution exposes the trend of Interpol abuse by Gulf Arab countries who use financial contributions to influence the organisation’s procedures; Australia must intervene

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Detained in Dubai statement on pardon of Matthew Hedges, Brit academic jailed for life for "spying" in the UAE

Press Releases   •   Nov 26, 2018 10:01 GMT

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who have been actively pushing for the release of British academic Matthew Hedges, commented today on the pardon just issued by the UAE government.

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, statement on the shock life sentencing of UK student Matthew Hedges for "spying" in UAE.

Press Releases   •   Nov 21, 2018 13:35 GMT

UK student Matthew Hedges faces life behind bars in the UAE for allegedly spying against the desert nation. A charge he vehemently denies.

Detained in Dubai advises re-evaluation of Western ties with UAE in wake of UK PHD student Matthew Hedges arrest

Press Releases   •   Oct 12, 2018 10:38 BST

It has been a bad year for the UAE. First, the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, records a video detailing horrific abuse she and her sister suffered at his hands; then she tries to escape the country. The UAE and India illegally raid the American-registered yacht that was ferrying her to safety, and kidnap all those onboard

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