Safety of Visiting Dubai Under Question

Press Releases   •   Mar 16, 2018 13:34 GMT

Middle Eastern travel, investment and expat hotspot Dubai is under scrutiny for ongoing abuse of British citizens, wrongful imprisonments and human rights violations. Should Brits be putting themselves in jeopardy?


تعلن المؤسسة البريطانية غير الحكومية "Detained in Dubai"، نيابة عن عملائها الشيخة لطيفة وهيرفيه جوبير، الشكوى المقدمة "للأمم المتحدة" للمطالبة بتدخلهم العاجل والفوري!

Press Releases   •   Mar 15, 2018 11:26 GMT

ويتابع ديفيد هيغ David Haigh، وهو محام بريطاني وأحد شركاء "Stirling's Partners" حالياً شكواه الخاصة ضد الإمارات المتحدة أمام الأمم


Guernica International Justice Chambers press statement on Sheikha Latifa & Hervé Jaubert case before the United Nations

Press Releases   •   Mar 14, 2018 16:57 GMT

Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers in London has been instructed to file an immediate complaint with the UN Special Procedures Branch


UK NGO ‘Detained in Dubai’, on behalf of clients Sheikha Latifa and Herve Jaubert, announces UNITED NATIONS COMPLAINT requesting urgent and immediate intervention.

Press Releases   •   Mar 14, 2018 13:30 GMT

Detained in Dubai on behalf of its clients Sheikha Latifa and Hervé Jaubert, has instructed Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers in London to file an immediate and urgent complaint with the UN Special Procedures Branch


London NGO ‘Detained in Dubai’ protected by counter-terrorism unit following bomb threat spurred by missing persons report for Dubai princess

Press Releases   •   Mar 13, 2018 14:59 GMT

London based legal organisation Detained in Dubai is being temporarily protected by counter-terrorism services following a bomb threat that was apparently spurred by the group’s filing of a police report for the missing Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum and the dual French/American man who helped her flee the UAE.


US citizen missing - INDIAN INTELLIGENCE CLAIMS: “Sheikha Latifa is alive and has been taken back to Dubai”

Press Releases   •   Mar 12, 2018 16:49 GMT

American Jean-Pierre Hervé Jaubert missing from US registered vessel off coast of India as attempt to help Dubai Sheikha escape ends with “distress call” & reported gunshots. Indian intelligence claims “Latifa is alive and has been taken back to Dubai” 3 Missing persons including Florida resident, author and ex French intelligence agent, Hervé Jaubert - last heard from off the coast of India.


كشف الغموض عن قصة "أميرة دبي الهاربة" مع ومواطنة أمريكية أخرى – تسريب الفيديو الكامل لرسالة الاستغاثة اليائسة

Press Releases   •   Mar 12, 2018 08:50 GMT

مؤسسة Detained in Dubai البريطانية غير الهادفة للربح، تقوم بعمل محضر بأشخاص مفقودين لكل من ابنة حاكم دبي ومواطن أمريكي، بعد أن تلقت نداء استغاثة!


Unfolding mystery of “Runaway Dubai Princess" with American national - Desperate FULL LENGTH video released

Press Releases   •   Mar 11, 2018 12:27 GMT

Missing persons report filed for daughter of Dubai’s ruler and American National after distress call was received by British NGO Detained in Dubai.


​2 more “Interpol Abuse” victims removed from Interpol, as UAE continues reporting debts as fraud

Press Releases   •   Feb 26, 2018 17:44 GMT

Detained in Dubai announced the removal of two Interpol notices last week. In both cases, the reports should never have been issued in the first place and are the result of the systematic abuse of Interpol’s database by the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.


Dubai bank raises Interpol Red Notice for bounced cheque leading to arrest of expat customer now facing extradition proceedings in Europe

Press Releases   •   Feb 22, 2018 09:57 GMT

Dubai bank, during active negotiations, secretly raised an #INTERPOL red notice against an expat customer for a bounced cheque, resulting in his subsequent arrest in Europe.

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