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Premium coating Solitaire® 2 from Rodenstock

Premium coating Solitaire® 2 from Rodenstock

Feb 18, 2015 17:15 GMT
Perfect all-round protection for spectacle lenses

No job too small for Zircotec. Half scale car gets full scale coating for NEC Classic Motorshow

Oct 24, 2012 13:21 BST
The smallest car to be protected by Zircotec will be on display at NEC Classic Motor Sh...

Full bodyshell E-coating corrosion prevention now available for classic car owners

Oct 18, 2011 15:42 BST
Surface Processing is pleased to announce it can now offer new car standard e-coating c...

Advanced Zircotec coating cools Aston Martin V12 Zagatos at arduous Nürburgring 24 Hours

Jul 01, 2011 09:38 BST
Formula One ceramic based coatings used on exhaust manifolds ensure lower underbonnet a...