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Women want Chef's, but hold the Pickles - as they reveal the sexiest male professions.

Mar 05, 2014 11:14 GMT A new study conducted by the UK's leading married dating site has revealed the male professions that women find the most attractive, and those more likely to find success when it comes to looking for romance online.

The Great British Bloke Breakdown - Women from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland describe their ideal man.

Feb 24, 2014 10:16 GMT Leading extramarital dating website,, has released its largest ever study into what regional women find attractive in men. Illicit Encounters surveyed 1000 of its female members in each region of the UK, to find out what personality and physical traits they look for in a man.

Women vote Jaguar drivers as the sexiest

Feb 19, 2014 11:15 GMT It seems that Jaguar's recent #GoodToBeBad ad campaign hasn't only got the guys engine's revving – it also has the ladies in a spin as Jaguar drivers win the race in the sexy stakes. A new survey by female members of the UK's leading extramarital dating website,, has placed Jaguar drivers in poll position as the sexiest drivers.

Charming Brits oust Hollywood Hunks topping 2014 sexiest actors poll

Feb 13, 2014 08:27 GMT With the BAFTAs taking place in London's Royal Opera House this weekend, Illicit Encounters ran a poll asking their female members who makes their heart's beat faster on screen.

Over 80% of married people would ditch their spouse on Valentine's day to date a celebrity.

Feb 11, 2014 09:10 GMT Valentine's day is traditionally a time to spoil your partner or show your love and affection for that special someone - but a shocking 87 per cent of us would in fact ditch our significant other to spend it with a celebrity.

Women want sex while men just want to talk -  reveals new survey.

Feb 06, 2014 10:33 GMT A new study by leading extra-marital dating site has revealed that women are more likely to look for an affair in order to fulfil physical desires, whilst men are looking to make deep emotional connections.

Jan 27, 2014 09:55 GMT How Do I Date The leading relationship advice website is delighted to announce the addition of three new highly qualified contributors to its panel of relationship experts which now numbers twenty eight.

Ditch the face cream - have an affair and feel ten years younger!

Jan 24, 2014 12:34 GMT Apparently it’s not a fancy new face cream, exercise regime or a week in the sun that’s doing it for the ladies these days - according to new survey results having an affair is the answer to feeling years younger.

Family time proves to be a bit too much for some… January 6th biggest day for people looking for an affair.

Jan 03, 2014 12:09 GMT Following the announcement last week that Friday 3rd January was dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by the legal community, the leading UK married dating website,, has revealed that Monday 6th January, is the most adulterous day of the year.

One in four people will chat up their boss at the Christmas Party.

Dec 03, 2013 11:30 GMT The office Christmas party season has arrived and a study of over 1,000 workers conducted by leading married dating site,, has revealed a shocking 31% of workers have admitted to sleeping with a co-worker following the company’s Christmas party.