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Actress Amanda Waring To Launch New Book, 'The Heart Of Care' In Chichester

Jun 07, 2012 18:27 BST Amanda Waring Chichester Waterstones are delighted to be provide the scene for a book launch and signing of a special kind on Tuesday the 12th of June, as renowned actress, award winning filmmaker and well respected campaigner for elder people’s rights Amanda Waring takes their stage at 12 noon.

"Care homes must recruit staff with emotional intelligence!" Cries Amanda Waring, in reaction to shocking BBC Panorama programme broadcast on Monday the 23rd of April

Apr 24, 2012 11:29 BST Amanda Waring Amanda Waring, award winning filmmaker and founder of the Governments Dignity Board was both shocked and saddened to watch undercover footage within the Panorama documentary on the evening of Monday the 23rd of April, with its all to familiar story. Amanda's mother also suffered at the hands of an uncaring and compassion lacking care provider, compelling her to want to make a difference.

"You can teach people compassion!" Cries Amanda Waring, Elder Care Campaigner

Mar 27, 2012 16:03 BST Amanda Waring The award winning film maker reacts to today's press coverage about the lack of compassionate care amongst care staff, as an all too familiar sounding story. The originator of the Governments Dignity Board wants David Cameron to be made aware that compassion can be taught amongst caring staff and see just how it can be done.


Feb 29, 2012 10:54 GMT Amanda Waring Witnessing the poor treatment her mother received whilst dying from Leukaemia in hospital encouraged the actress Amanda Waring her to invest her talents into creating films and training tools that have subsequently gone on to win awards for the powerful message and training techniques they have provided to many of the nations care staff.

Elder Care Campaigner Amanda Waring applauds Dignity Code Initiative

Feb 23, 2012 14:57 GMT Amanda Waring Proposed plans for a new Dignity Code highlighted in the media this week, have met with approval from Elder Care Campaigner and Dignity Board Member Amanda Waring. 'I applaud all initiatives that demonstrate the need for respect for our elders. Now is the time to transform the need for compassionate care and to ensure it becomes embedded in all trainings moving forward.'

"Now is the time for action!" appeals Elder Care Ambassador Amanda Waring

Feb 09, 2012 10:20 GMT Amanda Waring Elder Care Ambassador and Dignity Champion Amanda Waring stated after reading todays BBC news article about how "The right hand really needs to know what the left hand is doing when it comes to health and social care". Amanda feels that combining improved approaches with both health and social care will only help to benefit our elders and states "Now is the Time for Action!"

Elder care campaigner Amanda Waring deeply saddened by Town Hall Funding discrimination news

Jan 30, 2012 12:52 GMT Amanda Waring Amanda Waring, Elder Care Campaigner and Dignity Ambassador for the Governement's Dignity Board, was left deeply saddened by the news in todays Daily Mail; shedding light on the elderly in our society that are losing out by £500m a year in the funding of care, because of town halls age discrimination.