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Sir Apparel Offers Designer Clothing & Accessories At Great Prices

Jun 19, 2015 16:18 BST sir apparel ​Sir Apparel is a newly opened online store that offers shoes, clothing and accessories for people of all ages. Children, men and women will find this store extremely valuable, as it gives them an opportunity to find top quality modern design products from the most reliable UK retailers at affordable prices.

Think your partner is cheating? There's an app for that

Apr 15, 2015 14:28 BST

Mar 30, 2015 01:11 BST Tonchis Kroatien Under en helg i Kroatien får du chans att umgås med några av Sveriges mest namnkunniga journalister och digitala kommunikationsproffs. En unik chans att utveckla dig och ditt företags kommunikation. - Det är en kurs som jag inte kan klara mig utan, säger Tonchi Percan som anordnar den här kompetensresan.

Media group invests in Fanbooster, a Facebook PMD

Jan 05, 2015 07:56 GMT Fanbooster ​The third largest media group in Norway, Polaris Media, invests in the Facebook PMD, Fanbooster. Together they will collaborate on building the future of media.

Oct 12, 2014 08:46 BST Spider Communication Limited In this short book, the author sets out the truth about our over-valued ideas of 'tolerance'. At best, tolerance is a useless concept. At worst, it's a vice. Tolerance of bad religion has resulted in death and alienation. Lazy thinking about tolerance has led to confusion about racism, genetics, and gay marriage. Political 'tolerance' is another word for 'cowardice'.

Sep 04, 2014 10:29 BST Postify Innovative personal-postcard creators Postify have kickstarted their UK launch by teaming up with one of Europe’s most established flight carriers, Monarch Airlines, allowing their audience to generate customised postcards using their own photos and send them worldwide

Shazam Supercharges In-App Streaming With Full Song Playback

Jul 14, 2014 21:41 BST Shazam Shazam® announced a major update featuring supercharged streaming that allows users to go “beyond the preview” with full song playback

SportsAid launches competition to win two free Elton John tickets

May 29, 2014 15:48 BST SportsAid One lucky Elton John fan could win two free tickets to see him play live at a concert for SportsAid on June 28 just by liking the charity's Facebook page.

Shazam Update Features a Great New TV Experience, Music Content and an Innovative Facebook Integration

May 15, 2014 07:00 BST Shazam Shazam® is bringing you exciting new ways to engage with the world around you. A major feature of this month’s update is a streamlined second-screen experience for television in the U.S. Plus, Shazam has added great new content in the music results and has integrated even more with Facebook.

May 14, 2014 09:00 BST A recent report from Verizon reveals that the use of stolen credentials was the leading threat for Internet users in 2013. According to London-based Veridu, new ways of authenticating potential customers can dramatically increase the revenue of online merchants.