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elephant kicks off 2015 community investment programme

Feb 13, 2015 07:40 GMT elephant communications Blog update by Guy: This week elephant team members have delivered talks at two universities. We have engaged with postgraduate business students on our latest research and kicked off this year's ‘elephant in the room’ competition.

Surprising Filming Locations of Your Favourite Shows and Movies

Jul 08, 2014 12:31 BST Have you ever wondered where a certain scene of your favourite movie was filmed? Well, some of the locations used in these Hollywood blockbusters may surprise you! Who would have thought a Vietnam jungle scene could be filmed in South Carolina, or an entirely convincing hotel interior constructed in a studio in England?

Apr 11, 2014 13:03 BST You’d have to be a pretty extreme Game of Thrones fan to set out on a trip especially to visit all the filming locations for the hit TV series. Mind you, you wouldn’t have to venture out of Europe for all but one GoT destination, so it wouldn’t exactly be a bank-breaker. You can even start right here, in the UK.

So a film crew are turning up, what do I do?

Jan 26, 2012 20:03 GMT Tallboy Communications The What Where When and How to manage a camera crew. I’ve been filming for over 20 years now and I’m still amazed how long it takes from arriving on site, setting up and finally the camera rolling. But by asking the right questions before the shoot you can save valuable time – and money.

Jan 20, 2012 10:58 GMT Goethe-Institut London Patience (After Sebald) is a multi-layered film essay on landscape, art, history, life and loss by the acclaimed documentary film-maker Grant Gee. It is an exploration of the work and influence of German writer WG Sebald (1944 – 2001), told via a long walk through coastal East Anglia tracking his most famous book The Rings of Saturn.

iPhone 5 launch. What to expect.

Oct 03, 2011 08:44 BST Tallboy Communications The new iPhone 5 is as close to been released we can almost smell it. Apple will make the announcement on Tuesday 4th October at their Cupertino headquarters. There are lots of speculation on the web about if Apple will launch 2 phones, an iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 4S.