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FutureComms15: 5 Minutes With Robert Rose

Apr 23, 2015 17:08 BST Mynewsdesk ​Robert Rose – author, chief strategy officer and thought-leader – will be joining us on the 18th June for this year’s FutureComms. We asked Robert a few questions to give us a taster of what’s to come…

​The Many Challenges Of Social Media in Sports

Apr 17, 2015 11:48 BST Mynewsdesk Looking at prime examples of positive engagements, controversies and turn-arounds, Alex delves into the pros and cons of sports on social media…

​5 Issues Faced By Education Communicators

Apr 14, 2015 11:24 BST Mynewsdesk Each with their own unique history, offering, results and reputation, universities are brands in their own right. The sooner their PR people and marketers start realising that, the better for them.

5 Brilliantly Believable April Fools': 2015

Apr 01, 2015 17:45 BST Mynewsdesk Aah April Fools’ – the one day of the year where you can trust absolutely no one, not even the most reliable of sources (in fact they’re the worst!) We take a quick look at the April Fools’ campaigns of 2015...

​Our 7 Favourite April Fools’ Day Campaigns

Mar 31, 2015 17:17 BST Mynewsdesk With 1st April fast approaching, we take a look back at some of the wittiest, cleverest and most obvious April Fools’ marketing campaigns from recent years.

​Change Management: Managing the strategic change driven by social channels

Mar 31, 2015 11:26 BST Zoodikers Increasingly the team here at Zoodikers is advising clients at board level about the strategic business changes being driven by social networking and digital technology.

​Video production tips: shooting event highlights video

Mar 31, 2015 11:22 BST Zoodikers Whether it's a three-day conference with world-class business leaders, or a wedding video in sunny Kent, an event highlights video should be engaging and retain viewers' attention for as long as possible. In this article, our Video Production Manager provides tips on how best to approach an event to create a captivating video that your audience will actually want to watch.

The Power Of Brand Advocates

Mar 27, 2015 11:16 GMT Mynewsdesk A brand advocate can be invaluable and they can be anyone. With advocates, the age-old phrase “quality over quantity” rings true; it is not necessarily about the size of your fan-base but instead the quality of those people. Who are they? What do they represent? And what could they do for you? We reveal exactly why we love brand advocates…

​PR & Marketing Jargon: Decoded

Mar 25, 2015 10:47 GMT Mynewsdesk For the times when actual words just won’t suffice, here are our favourite crimes against the English language from the world of PR and marketing!

​The Challenges Faced By B2B Communicators [In Quotes]

Mar 24, 2015 10:00 GMT Mynewsdesk Digital and social media have influenced new ways of reaching businesses and consumers, but with that comes its challenges. Three PR professionals – Joe Hanley, Wander Bruijel and Steph Macleod – share their advice on how content can help B2B communicators build online communities…