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Three Lessons For PR From The Launch of Google News Lab

Jul 31, 2015 11:00 BST Mynewsdesk Media giant Google recently launched News Lab, a global learning platform and a group of experts on hand to help train and educate journalists on Google tools and data. So where does this leave PR?

Food for thought: 7 of the tastiest PR campaigns and stunts

Jul 21, 2015 14:42 BST Mynewsdesk This blog post is dedicated to the most delicious food and beverage PR campaigns. So grab yourself a cuppa (and some biscuits) and indulge in the tasty treats we've gathered for you!

​What Can We Learn From YOUR Newsrooms?

Jul 20, 2015 11:58 BST Mynewsdesk Everyday we see our customers using their newsrooms in creative and wonderful ways, reaching wider audiences and generating the impressive levels of coverage that their content deserves – so it’s about time we gave credit where credit’s due! Here are some of the key stats and take-out tips from our customers’ newsrooms in June...

#FC15 | Stephen Waddington's Key Take-Outs

Jul 13, 2015 17:53 BST Mynewsdesk Stephen Waddington shares his key take-outs from FutureComms15 - the biggest PR & communications event of the year.

#FC15 | PR & Content, The Great Divide?

Jul 13, 2015 16:40 BST Mynewsdesk Is the PR industry facing the threat of extinction? If brands act as publishers, are PR professionals still required or will they slowly turn into content marketers? Our FutureComms15 panel discuss...

#FC15 | Why Do People Share Content?

Jul 13, 2015 13:49 BST Mynewsdesk Stephen Follows, writer and producer at Catsnake, shares his experiences and tips for when it comes to brand storytelling.

Why Should A Brand Have A Blog?

Jul 10, 2015 11:43 BST Mynewsdesk ​I have never really written a blog before. In fact, I have shied away from it for quite some time, and yet I talk about it with clients on a regular basis. I understand the values, the reasoning and how it can help a brand. So it got me thinking, maybe my first blog should be based around just that - why should a brand have a blog?

#FC15 | Zoe Clapp - How #Chocobatch Went Viral

Jul 09, 2015 17:30 BST Mynewsdesk Communications Director of UKTV, Zoë Clapp shares her insights and learnings from the brand's recent viral campaign, #Chocobatch, at this year's FutureComms event.

#FC15 | The Death of SEO & the Rise of the Brand Story

Jul 09, 2015 17:11 BST Mynewsdesk Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm changes have had profound effects on the SEO industry. Search rankings are now dependent on the quality, originality and relevance of online content, rather than the way it's coded. Content marketing has risen to the fore as the way of achieving this, and this has brought together SEO practitioners, social media marketers and PR professionals.

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