How to become a social business in 2012

Mar 07, 2012 16:23 GMT Projectplace Game changer is a wording to describe how we will do business in the future. Social Business is a clear and significant trend that will have a major impact on enterprises the coming years. The ability to adapt is a success factor. What is a social organisation and what characterise it? What should organisation do in order to transform into a social organization? What are the benefits?

Christmas as a project – 5 tips for planning the perfect Christmas

Dec 21, 2011 09:18 GMT Projectplace Christmas is a time of harmony and is undoubtedly the biggest family holiday of the year. For many families, however, planning the perfect Christmas can result in a lot of stress. Combining work and family life with buying presents, preparing a luxurious dinner and decorating the house can create a lot of tension which can destroy the harmony under the Christmas tree.

Project Blog is back!

Sep 07, 2011 13:10 BST Projectplace We now relaunch our new Project Blog on a smarter, more modern platform

Projectplace recognised as one of Europe's fastest growing companies

Jun 22, 2011 08:20 BST Projectplace We are very proud to announce the recognition in Media Momentum 2011 "Fastest Growing Larger Compay Award". Projectplace is one of Europe's 25 fastest growing larger media companies (Online Software included in the category).

660 000 users!

Jun 01, 2011 15:16 BST Projectplace We are proud to announce that Projectplace recently hit 660 000 users.

What is Social Project Management and why should we care?

Mar 04, 2011 14:24 GMT Projectplace Five and a half insights about the hottest trend in project management

New Year, New Project Management

Feb 18, 2011 11:12 GMT Projectplace Project management is clearly changing for the enterprise. In 2010, we have seen that enterprise communication in general and particularly in collaboration has changed a lot.

Check out our new Press Kit

Jan 17, 2011 15:54 GMT Projectplace Now you can get all necessary press information about Projectplace in a handy press kit.