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Sofie Haag

From Sweden Productions Sofie Haag is a London based producer, promoter and entrepreneur specialising in organising and promoting international large scale and high profile concerts, productions, festivals and events in the UK and abroad. In 2009 Haag founded From Sweden Productions, with the aim to promote and support international cultural projects with a Swedish connection. As part of its 5th anniversary in the...


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Sesame Access Systems

Sesame Access Systems

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Simon Campbell

The Enhanced Group UK - Enhanced Business Cost Cuttings Thank you for viewing my contact information. With having so many companies within the group my role is to tied them all together, keep the theme the same and keep the machine driving in the same direction by means of our marketing and recruitment drive. What makes it even more powerful is that we have franchises in place too who are heavily involved in helping businesses lower costs and...

David Taylor

Zoodikers Experienced communicator with over 20 years experience garnered from careers in journalism, in-house media relations, PR, marketing consultancy and social media training. This includes media management, campaign implementation, marketing and communications strategy as well as online marketing, social media expertise and business training. Co-author of two books - the Business of Being...