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Dohop Joi wears a hat on Fridays. He has a masters degree in bioinformatics, which is absolutely useless in his work managing Dohop’s entire online marketing thingamajiggy (That means Facebook, Twitter, our blog, etc.) Joi reads quite a bit and writes too, short stories mostly but also the occasional novel. He also firmly believes that there is no god, and we’d recommend not getting into an...

Erica Nelson
Claire Foster
David Gunnarsson

Dohop David is the head honcho of sales and marketing. He used to be Dohop’s entire marketing department, but now he’s only half of it. It’s David’s job to make sure the world knows about Dohop and that more people find out about us every day. Before David started in 2009, Dohop’s marketing strategy was loosely based on “if you build it, he will come”. To change that, David’s original plan for...

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