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Putting you in control of managing, tracking and reporting mail and package delivery inside your organisation

May 19, 2015 12:00 BST Neopost What if some high value mail or parcels went missing? Concerns over the standard mail network, high value online purchases and bulky, heavy items means that more people and organisations are increasingly choosing to pay a little extra to ensure delivery. But, these services only work until delivery to your organisation.

Neopost’s road to postage discounts

May 11, 2015 11:16 BST Neopost ​The recent Royal Mail price increase, which saw the cost of 1st and 2nd Class stamps go up by 1p, came into force on 30th March. While this may not sound like a drastic increase, with so many still relying on physical post to communicate with customers, it all adds up – particularly for smaller businesses.

Looking back on the Sunshine in a Box Conference 2015

May 01, 2015 12:44 BST Neopost ​Here at Neopost, we were delighted to sponsor and attend the Independent Print Industries Association’s (IPIA) recent Sunshine in a Box Conference 2015.

LASPO loses its lustre

May 01, 2015 11:38 BST Allianz Insurance Like a lot of people in our industry, I had high hopes of LASPO. It was clear that a minority of unscrupulous claimants were manipulating the motor claims system at the expense of the honest majority.

The potential mess of email receipts – Who’s checking what?

Apr 29, 2015 10:05 BST Neopost For many businesses email can often be the ‘silent assassin’ of incoming mail management. While the visual cues of sky high piles of paper is enough to make us stand up and take action, email inboxes are a lot easier to ignore.

Showcasing the latest in print, packaging and marketing – Sunshine in a Box Conference 2015

Apr 16, 2015 16:35 BST Neopost I’m currently at the Sunshine in a Box Conference in the exotic location of The World Primate Centre at Twycross Zoo, Atherstone, and the event is in full swing.

Neopost sponsoring and attending Sunshine in a Box Conference 2015

Apr 15, 2015 16:18 BST Neopost Tomorrow, we’ll be sponsoring and exhibiting at the Sunshine in a Box Conference, the innovations conference of the independent print industries association, in Warwickshire. It’s our first time attending and we’re excited to be joining the line-up.

Franking isn't just for letters

Apr 15, 2015 11:41 BST Neopost On March 30 Royal Mail increased the cost of sending a first and second class letter. A hike in the price of postage is never welcome, even if it is by just 1p. However, the new tariffs are not all bad news for mail users. In fact, there is much to cheer about, especially for those who send large numbers of parcels.

Apr 15, 2015 11:17 BST Virtuous Women Empowering Forum Some people fight and win, some people fight and lose. What is the difference? What makes you different from a rich man, a successful one, a happy one? Mind. Perception. Vision.

Choose your partners carefully - collaboration is the key

Apr 13, 2015 13:55 BST Allianz Insurance All of those involved in Claimant Personal Injury work knew post LASPO would be a challenging environment. Less revenue would undoubtedly mean the need for greater efficiency for those staying in the market. In fact, perhaps the most obvious question was whether to go or stay. So for those that have stayed (and for those still unsure) what does greater efficiency mean?