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“Secret Creek” – discovering the Essex Backwaters

Feb 27, 2015 17:12 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays ​Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ public relations consultant Graham Ross wears a number of hats. In addition to his consultancy work, he’s also an author and artist and has just launched his latest book “Secret Creek” – an affectionate portrait of the mysterious and magical Essex Backwaters. Here’s what John Carter, former TV presenter with ‘Wish You Were Here’, says in the foreword.

Birding in southern Morocco – a new experience

Feb 27, 2015 16:57 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays In addition to its amazing scenic, historic and cultural heritage, Morocco also offers some of the best birdwatching in North Africa. Steve Newman went birding in southern Morocco with us on our new trip to the desert, wetland and mountain habitats of the Atlas Mountains. Here is the first of his day-by-day accounts.

Walking The Moorish Trail

Feb 24, 2015 11:17 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays The vibrant souks, the magnificent Alhambra Palace, Cordoba’s exquisite Mezquita and Madrid’s Palaccio Real are obvious enduring memories of the Moorish Trail for Jill and Roger Skidmore; but here are their Top Ten other memories which will remain with them for just as long.

Gate allocation – an advanced jig-saw puzzle

Feb 23, 2015 12:46 GMT Oslo Lufthavn AS Think back to your childhood when you put together jig-saw puzzles on the floor. Then replace the pieces with planes, multiply the size by a thousand, and throw in time pressure and a desire to provide the best possible service to both passengers and airlines. This describes the workday of the crew responsible for gate allocation.

Chinese New Year 2015!

Feb 19, 2015 15:13 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays ​On 19 February the World will erupt with celebrations to mark the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring festival.

Birdwatching in Costa Rica

Feb 16, 2015 16:03 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays ​Margaret Morfoot was thrilled by the sheer variety of colourful birdlife and other diverse wildlife of Costa Rica. Guided by local bird expert Frank, the group managed to add a total of over 20 sightings of species not on the already extensive list of spottings accumulated by previous RWH guests.

​Wildlife at Ramblers Holidays HQ

Feb 10, 2015 11:01 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays We are very fortunate to be based at the stunning site of Lemsford Mill, near Welwyn Garden City, and we are proud to be custodians of a small part of wild Hertfordshire. Peter Oakenfull is part of the team that maintains the Mill grounds and its wildlife. In the first of a series of seasonal posts, he tells us what the site and his work mean to him.

Montalbano’s Sicily: Ragusa Ibla is oh, so beautiful!

Feb 05, 2015 14:46 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays For once not leading a tour for RWH, Eileen and Paul Lyons spent a welcome few days’ winter holiday in Ragusa Ibla in the Val di Noto in south-east Sicily, familiar to fans as the scenic setting for TV’s Inspector Montalbano series.

Through the Heart of New England - Graham Stenger

Jan 30, 2015 10:29 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays ​You really have to see the North American Fall season to fully appreciate why people all over the world dream about it. Here, leader Graham Stenger takes us through the spectacular heart of New England in the Fall.

Wainwright Walkers Welcome

Jan 27, 2015 15:20 GMT Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Is Yorkshire the friendliest place for walkers? A undisputed 25 of its towns and villages have signed up to the ‘Walkers are Welcome’ scheme which aims to encourage walkers to be actively welcomed and assisted when visiting. Supporter & our roving ambassador, Julia Bradbury, says "The scheme’s simplicity has led to a jaw-dropping success."