Pressemittelung, german version

Nov 09, 2015 13:37 GMT Elmia AB Neun Unternehmen und Organisationen präsentieren gemeinsam schwedische Innovationskraft auf der landwirtschaftlichen Weltausstellung Agritechnica vom 8.–14. November. Ein ebenso wichtiger Aspekt der Messeteilnahme ist es jedoch, neue Trends und Technologien für die Innovationen der Zukunft kennen zu lernen.

Sweden Innovation Power

Nov 09, 2015 13:37 GMT Elmia AB The secret behind Sweden's innovation successes is collaboration between companies, institutes, advisory bodies and universities. Platforms for new contacts, dialogue and co-production of innovative processes play an important role as well. This is Sweden Innovation Power.

Virgin Trains - Fact Sheet - Weather

Oct 20, 2015 09:32 BST Virgin Trains All you need to know about how weather can impact on the railway and our services.

Facsimile: Luer-Jack and Pennine Healthcare featured in the October 2015 edition of The Clinical Services Journal, United Kingdom

Oct 17, 2015 22:32 BST ConceptoMed AS

DEWALT ToolConnect DCB183B 2AH XR Battery Spec Sheet

Sep 29, 2015 13:53 BST DEWALT UK

DEWALT ToolConnect DCB184B 5AH XR Battery Spec Sheet

Sep 29, 2015 13:52 BST DEWALT UK

Marshall Leasing has a new brochure!

Sep 04, 2015 16:29 BST Marshall Leasing Read all about it! Read all about it! This is our latest brochure detailing all our services designed to complement our web site We hope you like the design and find it informative. A hard copy can be obtained from our head office.

Virgin Trains - Fact Sheet - General

Jul 29, 2015 15:43 BST Virgin Trains General information and statistics about Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains - Fact Sheet - Fares

Jul 29, 2015 15:40 BST Virgin Trains Information about the types of fares we offer and some top tips on getting the best deals.

iRights: The Legal Framework

Jul 28, 2015 14:17 BST Schillings A detailed review of existing legislation in England and Wales to identify the opportunities and gaps in law related to implementing the iRights framework. From commercial legislation, data protection, privacy and defamation, the report pulls together a plethora of different laws into one place, so that those looking to enforce or adopt iRights have a first port of call.